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Spun Cotton Mushrooms
  Red lacquer caps ~ Made in Germany  
Spun Cotton Craft Mushrooms
Selection of 11 sizes ~ Made in Germany
Popular decorative accents for more than
100 years, we are pleased to offer these
old-style mushrooms in a full range of 11
sizes! Made in Germany of a tightly-spun
cotton, the caps are dipped in a ruby red
lacquer, then are individually painted by
hand with white spots. The mushrooms
are on paper-covered wires, except for
the largest size which has a small hole
in the bottom of the stem.
Styled after Amanita Muscaria, which is
also known as the fly agaric mushroom,
these red-capped fungi are a symbol of
good luck in Central and Eastern Europe.
Depicted in a wide range of products
around the holidays, they are a favorite
motif representing 'Good Luck Wishes'
for Christmas and the New Year.
vintage metal house flies made in Western Germany
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Smaller mushrooms are sold in bunches of 12 pieces.
The two larger sizes are sold in a set of 6 pieces.
3/8" spun cotton mushrooms
3/8" Mushrooms
8 mm cap - 12 pieces
7/16" spun cotton mushrooms
7/16" Mushrooms
10 mm cap - 12 pieces
1/2" spun cotton mushrooms
1/2" Mushrooms
12 mm cap - 12 pieces
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5/8" spun cotton mushrooms
5/8" Mushrooms
14 mm cap - 12 pieces
3/4" spun cotton mushrooms
3/4" Mushrooms
16 mm cap - 12 pieces
13/16" spun cotton mushrooms
13/16" Mushrooms
18 mm cap - 12 pieces
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7/8" spun cotton mushrooms
7/8" Mushrooms
20 mm cap - 12 pieces
1" spun cotton mushrooms
1" Mushrooms
22 mm cap - 12 pieces
Sold Out
1-1/8" spun cotton mushrooms
1-1/8" Mushrooms
25 mm cap - 12 pieces
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1-1/4" spun cotton mushrooms
1-1/4" Mushrooms
30 mm cap - 6 pieces
1-1/2" Mushrooms
35 mm wide cap - 6 pieces
Sold Out
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1-1/8" spun cotton mushrooms
Long-Stem Spun Cotton Mushrooms
1" high Mushrooms
22 mm wide cap - bunch of 12 pieces
Cheerful mushrooms with bright red,
lacquer-dipped caps have stalks that are
extra-long. Made in the Czech Republic.
1-1/8" spun cotton mushrooms