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Mushroom Land
Vintage and Old-Style Mushrooms
  Welcome to Mushroom Land! Our woodland gnomes are delighted
to invite you to visit our collection of genuine vintage mushrooms
as well as traditional spun cotton mushrooms from Germany.
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Vintage Mushrooms
  Old Stock Mushrooms ~ Made in Germany  
Vintage Old Stock Mushrooms
Made in Germany
Our vintage mushrooms are charming collectible
craft accents that date from the 1930's to 1970's.
Perfect for use by milliners, artisans and crafters
alike, these mushrooms add a naturalistic touch
to fairy or gnome gardens, floral arrangements,
bouquets, fancy hats, corsages and all manner
of holiday ornaments and decorations.
Gnome artist with mushroom painting
Welcome to Blumchen's Mushroom Land
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mushroom gnome with brown mushrooms
vintage wee button mushrooms
Cute little mushrooms that look
as if they were carved from wood
by talented woodland gnomes!
Made from spun cotton with a hard
lacquer finish, the dipped caps are
the color of a dark, rich chocolate.
Just 1/2" high, these wee button
mushrooms are on green paper-
covered wires that are 3" long.
Made in Germany in the 1930's.
Bunch of wee button mushrooms vintage made in Germany
Wee Button Mushrooms
1/2" high - 12 pieces.