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Valentine and Romance
Scrap Relief Pictures from Europe
Printed on bright white, acid free paper, these die-cut
scrap relief pictures have a soft, semi-gloss finish.
Valentine Cupids and Cherubs
  Nostalgic scrap designs from the past  
Cute Cherubs with Flower Hearts
6½" x 9"    EF Germany
Loving Cherubs and Angels
6½" x 9"    EF Germany
Romantic Cherubs
9" x 6½"    EF Germany
Fanciful Holiday Angels
6½" x 9"    EF Germany
Valentine Fairy and Bouquets
6½" x 9"    EF Germany
Garden Cherub Cartouches
6½" x 9"    EF Germany
Charming Chubby Cherubs
6" x 9"    Mamelok England
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