1950's St. Patrick's Day Foil Paper Die-Cuts
Collectible Holiday Ephemera ~ Genuine Old Store Stock
Made in America in the 1950's
More treasures from our archives! Why not craft some special decorations for a festive St. Patrick's Day celebration with these old stock die-cuts. Made from an embossed foil-faced cardboard, these novelty name cards were manufactured in the USA about sixty years ago. Still in unused condition, we offer a nifty selection of these mid-century die-cuts.
Made from lightweight, silver foil
cardboard, the embossed die-cuts
are printed with translucent green
lacquer and opaque white details.
Large die-cuts are sold singly -
Small die-cuts in sets of four.

Large: 3½" high by 2½" wide.
Small: 1½" high, 2½" and 1½" wide.
Make a Crepe Paper Favor Basket
It's easy to craft a custom candy favor
basket for St. Patrick's Day: first, just
gather a strip of crepe paper and glue
around a small paper cup. Next, add
a green chenille stem or crepe paper-
covered pipe cleaner for the basket
handle. Finish by adding an Irish die-
cut name tag for each party guest.
'Irish Harp and Shamrock'
1 paper foil die-cut.
#SQ080A   $1.50
'Irish Dancers on a Hat'
1 paper foil die-cut.
#SQ080B   sold out
'Shamrock, Hat and Pipe'
1 paper foil die-cut.
#SQ080C   $1.50
'Dapper Leprechaun'
4 paper foil label die-cuts.
#SQ081A   $1.95
'St. Patrick's Day Motifs'
4 paper foil label die-cuts.
#SQ081B   $1.95
'Dancing Irish Couple'
4 paper foil label die-cuts.
#SQ081C   $1.95
"Top o' the Marnin" Shamrock'
4 paper foil label die-cuts.
#SQ081D   $1.95
'Hat with Clover and Shillelagh'
4 paper foil die-cuts.
#SQ081E   $1.75
"Erin Go Bragh" Harp'
4 paper foil die-cuts.
#SQ081F   $1.75
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