Victorian Santa Claus with Boots
Genuine Littauer & Boysen Scraps
Made in Germany - circa 1890's
Create Victorian Santa ornaments using rare chromolithographs from the past. Still as bright and colorful as the day they were made more than 100 years ago, the crisp, detailed embossing is so precise you can actually see hairs in Santa's beard! Printed on heavy paper with a satin lacquer finish. Each sheet is marked with the "L & B" logo along with item 31040 and "Printed in Germany."

Sold as a set of die-cuts.
Sheet has two Santa scraps that
are both just about 2¾” high; the
boots are approximately 1" high.

Santa Claus with Boots Scraps Set
Each scrap set includes old 1950's
Dresden trim embellishments
As a free gift for our crafter friends, each
set of scraps includes the same Dresden trims
that our artists used to make the Santa Claus
ornaments pictured above. Old stock from the
50's that was produced in Western Germany,
you will also receive a 12" long piece of gold
metallic German cording for hanging loops.