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~ Mother's Day Greeting Card ~
Designed for the "Morning Living" Radio Show
Thursday, May 8, 2008 Hosted By Betsy Karetnick
Martha Stewart Living Radio ~ Sirius Channel 112

When our Creative Director, Diane Boyce, was invited to
be a guest on the "Morning Living" radio show, she was
asked to speak about crafting special greetings cards for
Mother's Day. Diane and her mom, Beatrice Blum Boyce
(co-founder, along with Diane, of Blümchen) designed
this charming paper lace card especially for the show.

Fancy Paper Lace Fold-Over
Victorian Greeting Card
for Mother's Day

Ready to make your own card?
Click on the links below to see
more card design ideas, for our
easy-to-follow instructions, and
to purchase the craft supplies
necessary to create this card ~
The flowers and leaves shown are available in our Vintage Florals Shop >
A very easy card to make at home, our artists have
written instructions with illustrations so that you can
create a Victorian-style paper lace card for yourself.

Butterflies and Roses enclosure card ~
We created this card using a pale pink tissue
paper for the inner lining so that its translucency
would add a subtle delicacy to the finished card.
The gift enclosure "pouch" was made using one
of our flat Dresden cards; just glue around the
outer edges to secure, leaving the top edge free.
Baby Shower invitation card ~
Do you need a unique invitation card for a special occasion?
With any word processing program, you can design and print out
multiples of your own custom-designed invitation. We used a pretty
dollhouse wallpaper to create this card, but any lighter-weight paper
will do. And here's a handy tip from our artists: to be on the safe side,
we recommend that you fill in your invitation first before you glue it to
the square cardboard section of the fold-out card for the final trimming.
Craft Project 0805a
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