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Blümchen Crafts Project • Crepe Paper Party Hats
Tools and Supplies
Crafting Materials Links
Party Hat Size Guide
•  pair of scissors
•  ruler or measuring tape
•  staple gun
•  "tacky" white glue-all
•  heavy thread or string
•  crepe paper, streamers
•  cardstock or thick paper
A Guide to Average
Head Circumferences:

•  Children & Teens
20½" to 22"
•  Adult Women
21½" to 23"
•  Adult Men
23" to 24½"

Crepe Paper Party Hats
Step-by-Step Crafting Instructions
Easily customizable to suit any holiday or festive occasion, our step-by-step instructions
will teach you the the basic crafting techniques and tips necessary to make these fun hats.
For design ideas and examples of decorated crepe party hats as well as more helpful
crafting tips from our artists, be sure to check out page 2 of these instruction.

This hat can be easily adjusted to fit head circumferences that measure from 20" to 23".
If you would like a more customized fit for the smaller sizes, just take off 2" from the
indicated lengths of the crafting materials; for larger sizes add 2" to our instructions.
•  Instructions to make a standard 22" circumference crepe paper party hat  •
1) To make this party hat you will need the following crafting materials:
•  crepe paper sheet: 1 piece that measures 20" high by 25" wide, cut with the grain running vertically
•  crepe streamers or cut strips of crepe paper: 2 strips that measure 1¾” wide by 25" long
•  decorative crepe streamer: 1 strip that measures 1½" to 1¾” wide by 25" long
•  cardstock or heavy paper: 1 strip that measures 1½" wide by 24" long
2) Fold the crepe paper sheet in half lengthwise.
Next, lightly glue the cardstock strip just below
the fold, centering it evenly on the crepe paper.
Please note that it is recommended that you use
a tacky-style white glue-all when working with
crepe paper. A runny or "wet" glue doesn't hold
as well and may make the crepe paper bleed.
3) Glue one crepe streamer along the inside top
edge of the crepe sheet. Run a small amount of
glue along the bottom edge of the streamer, not
more than ¼" away from the edge. Be careful
not to position the glue too high up on the crepe
streamer, because this may it more difficult to
create a full, fluffy fringed tassel.
4) The next step is to glue the second streamer
on to the top front of the crepe paper sheet. Fold
the sheet back in half so that the first streamer
and cardstock strip are now on the inside of the
sheet, and the folded edge is on the bottom.
Glue the second crepe streamer on the outside
top edge of the crepe sheet in the same manner
as described in step 3. Design tip: you can use
two streamers of the same color as shown, or
try varying the colors for a multi-hued effect.
5) Now you're ready to create the hat's fringed
tassel. Starting on one side, and with both layers
together, cut down from the top in approximately
¼" wide sections. When cutting the fringe, make
sure that all of the cuts end about ¼" away from
the bottom of the crepe streamers.
Design tip: not all of your hats have to be made
with the same style of fringed tassel! To vary the
look of your tassels, try trimming points onto the
ends of each piece of fringe, or cut the fringe
wider and with rounded ends to create "petals"
to make a flower-inspired pom-pom for you hat.
6) In this next step you will create the hatband.
With the crepe sheet positioned face up, fold the
bottom section up, using the inner cardstock strip
that was glued into place in step 2 as your guide.
This folded-up section creates a sturdy hatband
that will help the crepe hat hold its shape.
7) The final step before shaping the party hat is
to neaten the back seam. Flip the crepe sheet so
that the front side is face down, then fold over
about ½" or so on the left side so that the fold
butts up against the edge of the cardstock band.
Lightly tack down along the length of the fold.
8) You are now ready to form your party hat!
Please note that our hat instructions are for an
average, 22" head circumference, but can be
easily adjusted to fit almost any head size. To
size your hat, measure 22" out (or your desired
circumference) from the folded edge of the band
and make a pencil mark. Roll the hat in a circle
so the neat side edge of the hatband meets the
pencil mark. Staple the two ends together, being
mindful to staple the hat so that the prongs will be
on the outside of the hat. And to help the hat hold
its shape, lightly glue down along the back seam.
9) Start shaping the party hat: gather the top of
the hat together, just under the fringe. The more
even you can make the gathers, the better!
10) Tie together the top gathers of the hat, using
a sturdy thread or string. Loop the thread around
the gathered point just under the fringe and pull it
tight to form the hat into a cone shape. Knot the
thread in the back of the party hat.
12) Your party hat is now ready to decorate. To
complete this Happy Halloween party hat, glue a
25" strip of decoratively-printed crepe streamer
around the hatband, starting and ending in the
back. The final step is to fluff open the fringe to
create the party hat's frilly pom-pom.
11) Finish shaping the party hat by rounding out
the crown area of the hat. A really easy way to
do this is to put the hat on your head, then gently
pull down until the top of the crepe hat stretches
open to become more rounded.
And now is when the fun really starts! Using our
basic instruction, you can create imaginative and
festive crepe party hats for any occasion. Click
here for decorating suggestions, ideas and tips >
© Copyright 2010 by D. Blümchen & Company, Inc.
All rights reserved.
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