Black Cats Halloween Banner
Cutouts Banner  •  Original Design from 1948
4' long decoration ~ Made in America
Halloween cats, all in a row! Featuring a line-up of hissing cats, grinning cats and not-so-very-scary black cats, this nostalgic banner is reproduced from the vintage original that dates to 1948. The cardboard cutouts are jointed with metal grommet connectors between the cat heads and oblong cartouches so that the banner is easily positionable. Printed in crisp, bright colors, it is once again being made in the U.S.A. by the original manufacturer.
Sold as one cutouts banner.
Jointed Black Cat heads banner
opens into a vintage decoration
that's 7" high by 4 ft. long.
Black Cats Halloween Banner
Black Cat heads Halloween jointed cutouts banner streamer