Spooky Halloween Die-Cuts
Repros of the 1920's Originals
Set of 3 with string hangers
Whimsical old designs from Halloween past make these die-cuts a fun way to decorate with nostalgic flair. Made with black string hangers, they can be used as ornaments or as spooky decorations to hang in a window. And because the backs of these colorfully-printed, glossy cardstock die-cuts are left blank, they are also nifty as uniquely eerie party invitations or greeting cards.
Sold as a set of three die-cuts.
Spooky die-cuts come in the set of
3 designs shown. From left to right,
they are 8½", 6¾” and 7½" high.
Spooky Halloween Die-Cuts
Spooky Halloween die-cuts with hanging cords
Spooky Halloween diecuts set of 3 assorted designs