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'Bavarian Orders' Dresden Die-Cuts
Holiday 1998 Old Stock ~ Made in Germany
Bayerisch Orden aus Goldpapier
'Bavarian Orders' Decorative Dresden Die-Cuts
Old Stock from 1998 ~ Made for us in Germany
This charming set of festive Dresden die-cuts
was made to order for us in Germany back in
1998. Made of gold foil-covered cardboard,
the embossed die-cuts were manufactured
on a specialized, vintage machine using the original old mold. Stored in our own archives
for twenty years, the 'Bavarian Orders' are
still in shiny bright, like-new condition.
While you can enjoy the Dresden trims as
table decorations as shown above, they are
also whimsical die-cuts for any craft project.
Use them as fun embellishments on banners
and party garlands, as the center detail on
crepe paper rosettes, and for card making.
And because Bavarian Orders make such
wonderfully nostalgic Dresden Christmas
ornaments, we include one yard of vintage
metallic gold German cording so that you
can add loops to hang them on a tree.
Bavarian Orders - 8 Designs
Want to know what each piece in
this set symbolizes? Scroll down
for details about each die-cut!
petite 1-5/8" glass bottles and 2mm beads in gift boxes
These blue-and-white triangular
bags are authentic German 'Tüte'
which are hung on outdoor market
stalls to package food purchases.
Bavarian Orders Dresden Diecuts assortment from Germany
Oktoberfest Special Offer ~ Save 20% off + FREE Tüte Bags
package of Dresden Bavarian Orders with metallic gold thread
'Bavarian Orders' Dresden Trims
•  Set of 8 die-cuts  •
Each set of embossed die-cuts comes
with 1 yard of gold cording so that you
can make them into ornaments for the
Christmas tree. And as a special gift,
we are also including a set of eight
'Flag of Bavaria' German food market
'Tüte' paper triangle bags for free!
Dresden die-cuts have gold
foil on both the front and back
and are from 1¾” to 3" high.
Bavarian 'Tüte' paper bags
are 13¾” high by 7" wide.
Sale! Save 20% off ~ Regular price $12.00 - Now just $9.50
+ FREE set of 8 Bavarian 'Tüte' Food Stall Bags and
1 yard of vintage German metallic gold cording.
#D783GB  $12.00
Sale!  $9.50 set
Descriptive information for each of the 'Bavarian Order' designs:
Bier Stein - this old-style lidded beer mug
reads ' Prosit,' which translates to Cheers!
Gherkin or Essiggurke - gherkin pickles
are a favorite accompaniment on cold cut
platters at German beer festivals.
Bierfass - what would any beer festival
or Biergarten be without a beer keg?
'Münchner Bier' Rettich - this 'Munich
beer' radish is a traditional Bavarian winter
radish that is sliced thin and served during
Oktoberfest as a popular snack with beer.
Münchner Kindl - The 'Munich Child' is the
symbol for the capitol city of Bavaria, and
has been used on its coat of arms since
the 13th century. In this depiction, the child
sits astride a beer barrel and holds aloft a
beer stein and a radish.
Oktoberfest Orden - this fantasy Orden
or medal, is comprised of popular symbols
for the festival: the 'Bock' goat with crown
on the crest represents Bock beer, and the
main field has representations of gherkins,
a winter radish, wine bottle and fish.
Bock Bier Symbol - A Bock, or billy goat,
is commonly used as an emblem on Bock
beer, which is a strong German lager that
is a favorite during Oktoberfest.
platters at German beer festivals.
Fisch - fish is a traditional item on most
Oktoberfest menus, and 'Steckerlfisch' or
grilled fish on a stick is a classic.
package of Dresden Bavarian Orders with metallic gold thread