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Autumn Leaves and Leaf Sprays
Vintage and Old Stock ~ Made in Germany and Japan
Special Sale - Save 20% off
Fabric and Parchment Fall Leaves
from the Blümchen Archives
Autumn will soon be here, so Halloween and
Thanksgiving are just around the corner, too!
And to help you decorate for the changing of
the seasons, we've dug through our archives
to collect this stunning selection of old stock
and vintage leaves. Dating from the 1950's
to the 1990's, these colorful leaves of fabric,
paper and waxed parchment are wonderful
craft accents for all kinds of design projects
or Fall home decorating.
All of the leaves we offer are still in unused,
like-new-condition. Quantities are limited.
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Petey Pumpkin candy container with vintage paper leaves
Make an Autumn Tree
To make your own spooky Fall tree,
just wire the leaves onto branches,
or use a few of our Japanese leaf
sprays to create a mini maple tree.
Autumn leaves of waxed parchment for Halloween displays
Multi-Color Autumn Maple Leaves from Germany
• Embossed Parchment Leaves from the 1990's •
These colorful leaves have a naturalistic translucency so that they look like
real Autumn leaves! Made of embossed, die-cut parchment paper that is dipped
in a thin coating of clear wax, each leaf is finished with a green wire stem.
Multi-Color Leaves Special ~ Save 20% off all sets
Autumn Leaf Garlands from Germany
Multi-Color Autumn Leaf Garlands ~ Set of 2
These large leaf garlands are hand-assembled using different size leaves in
a variety of bright colors onto a 44" long wire "vine." Made in Germany.
#FL08  Set of 2 leaf garlands
$8.50  Sale! Now just $6.80
Small Multi-Color Autumn leaves from Germany
Large Multi-Color Autumn leaves from Germany
Multi-Color Leaves ~ Small
Each assorted set of 24 pieces includes
12 each of 2" and 2½" wide leaves.
#FL06  Set of 24
$4.95  Sale! $3.95
Multi-Color Leaves ~ Large
Each assorted set of 24 pieces includes
12 each of 3¼" and 3¾” wide leaves.
#FL07  Set of 24
$5.95  Sale! $4.75
Vintage Japanese Maple leaf spray
Japanese Maple Leaf Spray
1950's leaves ~ Made in Japan
A lively arrangement of festive Fall
colors, this maple leaf spray has four
twiggy branchlets of bright leaves. A
colorful accent for Autumn wreaths
and flower arrangements, the petite
leaves are handy for craft projects
from Halloween thru Thanksgiving.
Manufactured in Japan in the 1950's
with embossed, glossy paper leaves,
each spray still has the original paper
tag that is printed "Made in Japan."
Sold as 1 maple leaf spray.
Each spray has 20 mini leaves
in orange, yellow and green.
Paper leaves are ¾” by ¾”.
Special ~ Save 20% off
#LQ006  $4.25
Sale: $3.40
Sold out
Autumn Scatter Leaves
Old Stock ~ Made in Germany
Large leaves in a festive assortment
of classic Fall colors, these die-cut
leaves are made from glazed fabric.
Embossed to look like real leaves,
each leaf is individually shaded with
a contrasting color
blush for a more
natural appearance. Manufactured
in Germany more than 25 years ago,
we were happy to find an unopened
box of these vibrant old stock leaves.
Die-cut from woven fabric with a
satin gloss finish, each set comes in
a different variety of leaf colors.
Set of 16 assorted fabric leaves
are all 4" wide by 4" high.
Special ~ Save 20% off
#FL09  $3.95
Sale! $3.15
Fabric Autumn scatter leaves from Germany
vintage Later Summer Leaves made in Japan
Late Summer Leaves
1950's leaves ~ Made in Japan
You can tell that Fall is on the way
when green leaves become shaded
with touches of a soft russet hue.
Decorative fabric leaves that can
be used all year round, they have
green thread-covered wire stems.
Made in Japan more than 60 years
ago, these glossy fabric leaves are
nicely embossed so that they have
the look of real leaves. Olive green
leaves are all softly blushed with a
red-brown tint for a natural effect.
Set of 12 green fabric leaves
are 2¼"
wide by 2½" high on
2" long green wire stems.
Special ~ Save 20% off
#LQ036  $3.50
Sale! $2.80