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"Candy Cane" Chenille Twist Roping
Old Stock Christmas Corsage Craft Supplies
Made in Germany in the '90s
"Candy Cane" Wired Chenille
Festive Red-and-White Roping
Such a fun item for the holidays, this striped
chenille twist wired roping is a nostalgic trim
for Christmas crafts and holiday decorating.
Original old stock from the mid-'90s that we
had made to order for us by a family-owned
firm in Germany, this unique chenille roping
is still in unused, like-new condition.
Made by twisting together lengths of red and
white wired chenille, the cotton-blend fibers
have a soft, fuzzy feel. This trim has the look
of vintage chenille stems, which makes it so
nice to use for traditional holiday crafts.
Ideas from our Artists
It's a cinch to create your own sweet candy
cane ornaments - just cut a length, curl down
the top and voilà! you've made a candy cane!

Such a quick and easy project for the kiddies,
the instructions for making our candy cane
and peppermint candies is shown below >
This vibrant chenille trim can also be used to
make little wreaths, fanciful "candy" flowers,
jolly napkin rings for Christmas parties, and
as merry accents in retro holiday corsages.
how to make chenille candy cane ornaments
Craft a Christmas Corsage
Do you remember when ladies
would pin a fancy holiday corsage
to their best winter coat for the
Christmas season? Such a lovely
custom deserves a revival, so we
have gathered a nice selection
of old-time materials so you can
make your own retro corsage!
candy cane chenille twist wired roping from Germany
•  Make your own Candy Cane Ornaments and Peppermints Candies  
fluffy white chenille trim from Germany
fluffy white chenille trim from Germany
Chenille Candy Canes
Peppermint Candies
To make our candy cane ornaments, the only tools
you will need are a pair of cutting pliers and a ruler.
Measure the chenille roping and cut one piece for
each size of the candy canes you want to make:
3" candy cane = 4¼" long piece
3½" candy cane = 4¾” long piece
4" candy cane = 5½" long piece
4½" candy cane = 6¼" long piece
Bend one end of the chenille stem roping around
a bottle or wooden dowel to form a nice even curl
for the "hook" of the candy cane.
A fun holiday activity for the entire family, these
cute candy canes can be used as ornaments, on
Christmas wreaths and for fancy gift box bows.
These holiday candies are made
by coiling the chenille stem roping
into a tight circle. Using a pair of
needle-nose pliers, grip one end
of the roping, then spin it around
itself until it forms a tight disc with
a width of 7/8" to 1" across.
Use sturdy thread or thin wire to
attach the chenille roping end to
the candy. Cut the thread close,
or leave a length for a hanger.
To create penny candy sweets,
wrap them in 3" squares of clear
cellophane candy wrappers.
fluffy white chenille trim from Germany
"Candy Cane" Chenille Roping
Made for us in Germany
Dating to the mid-1990's, we had this
chenille twist roping made especially
for us in Germany. Created from two
pieces of wired chenille, so it's extra
sturdy and easily holds any shape.
This high quality chenille roping is
firm but has a soft, plush texture.
Still in fresh, unused condition, the
colors of the chenille fibers are as
bright and vibrant as the day it was
made more than 25 years ago.
Cotton/poly blend chenille stem
wired roping is 1/4" wide.
6 ft. total - each bag contains
two 3' long pieces of roping.
Christmas Crafting Special
Sale! Save 20% off
Reg. price $4.50 - now just $3.60
Sale! $3.60
A note about our double-twist roping
Each piece of this chenille roping has
variations in the spacing of the stripes.
A skilled worker feeds two pieces of
red and white chenille roping into a
specialized machine that twists them
together, so much like old-fashioned
candy canes that are made by hand,
the stripes in this trim will vary.
fluffy white chenille trim from Germany
Nostalgic Christmas Corsages
Fanciful Christmas pins that were worn for the holiday season
on a winter coat were all the rage from the 1940's to 1960's.
Small Blown Glass Balls on Wires
Reflective glass balls are 1/2" wide by 3/4" high; green wire stems are 2-1/4" long.
Made in Germany.  Sold as a set of 12 pieces.
Save 40% off - regular price $4.95, now just $2.95
Silver Balls  #GB900S
$4.95   Sale! $2.95
Purple Balls  #GB900P
$4.95   Sale! $2.95
Red Balls  #GB900R
$4.95   Sale! $2.95
Large Blown Glass Balls on Wires
Reflective glass balls are 1" wide by 1-1/4" high; green wire stems are 3" long.
Made in Germany.  Sold as a set of 6 pieces.
Save 40% off - regular price $4.95, now just $2.95
Large Purple Balls  #GB910P
$4.95   Sale! $2.95
Large Teal Balls  #GB910T
Sold out
Santa Claus Party Picks
Made with spun cotton faces, felt beards and chenille stem arms, each Santa holds
a different holiday accessory. Picks are 4" high. Sold singly. Made in Germany.
Santa with Tree
#KA10-A   $1.35
Sold out
Santa with Switches
#KA10-B   $1.35
Sold out
Santa with Sack
#KA10-C   $1.35
Sold out
Spun Cotton Mushrooms
Traditional spun cotton mushrooms with red
lacquer caps. 12 pieces per bunch. Germany.
1/2" Mushrooms
#MU912-R   $2.95
Sold out
7/8" Mushrooms
#MU920-R   $4.75
Vintage Pudgy Mushrooms
Old stock that dates to 1970's
Western Germany. Spun cotton
mushrooms are 3/4" ht. 6 pcs.
#MQ005   $3.95
Sold out
Heather Spray ~ Cherry Red
Old stock from 1980's East Germany.
Fabric flowers with fine paper leaves.
6" high. Bunch of 10 stems.
Heather Spray ~ Snow White
Old stock from 1980's East Germany.
Fabric flowers with fine paper leaves.
6-1/2" high. Bunch of 9 stems.
Paper Holly Leaves
Embossed, die-cut paper leaves are glossy hunter green on the front, moss green
on the back. Holly leaves all have green wire stems. Made in Germany.
Leaf heights not including stems: Large 2¾” - Medium 2¼" - Small 1¾”.
Large Leaves - 3 pcs.
#FL003   $0.75
Medium Leaves - 3 pcs.
#FL004   $0.75
Small Leaves - 4 pcs.
#FL005   $0.80
Christmas Berries
1980's old stock from East Germany.
Red lacquered, spun cotton berries on
wires. 3/4" high berries. Bunch of 12.
Sold out
Vintage Holly Berries
1950's old stock in the original bag with
'Made in Western Germany' paper label.
28 holly berries are all about 3/8" high.
Gold and Silver Laurel Leaves
Made from gleaming paper foil, these crisply embossed, die-cut laurel leaves are
shiny foil on the front with matte paper on the back. Stiff paper foil leaves have
paper-covered wire stems. Made in Germany. Sold in sets of 6 pieces.
Leaf heights not including stems: Large are 3 - Small are 2¼".
Small Gold
#LF02G   $2.00
Small Silver
#LF02S   $2.00
Large Gold
#LF03G   $2.50
Large Silver
#LF03S   $2.50
Vintage Holly Leaves
Rare, 85-year-old triple holly leaves that
date to 1930's Germany. The lacquered
leaves are all 2-1/2" wide. Set of 6.
Silver Chenille Trees
Sparkling silver trees are a blend of
shiny silver and fluffy white chenille.
2-1/2" high. Germany. Set of 10.
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