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Lametta Tinsel Christmas Tree Icicles
Original Old Stock from Germany and Austria
Vintage Treasures from Blümchen's Archives
Lametta Tinsel Icicles for Christmas Trees
Eis-Lametta ~ Brillant Eislametta - Weihnachts-Girlande
If you love the look of shimmering icicles on
your Christmas tree, our special offering of
vintage Eis-Lametta is a rare opportunity for
holiday enthusiasts. Dating from the 1980's
to the mid 1990's, these authentic old stock
tinsel icicles were produced by companies
in Germany and Austria.
Made by two family-owned companies that
are no longer in business, these traditional
metallic Lametta icicles were manufactured
in the same manner as the tinsel icicles that
decorated Christmas trees in the early years
of the 20th century.
These nostalgic, collectible metallic tinsel icicles are our
final inventory, and quantities are very limited.
vintage cardboard Christmas decorations from Western Germany
1970s angel gift ball paper-mache Christmas ornaments
'Eis-Lametta' Engelshaar
1980's West German Tinsel "Loop"
A truly rare collectible treasure from
the past, our old-time tinsel comes as
one coiled loop of super-fine Lametta!
A traditional Engelshaar, or "Angel's
Hair" style of tree tinsel, it was the
custom to drape onto tree branches
as is, or you can cut the tinsel loop
into strands of any desired length.
Authentic old stock samples that we
purchased from the manufacturer in
Western Germany back in the '80s,
this tinsel is at least 30-years-old.
Stored undisturbed in our archives,
they're in original, unused condition.
Made from real Leonische Lametta,
the silver is "guaranteed to tarnish."
Cardboard sleeve packages
are 3¾” wide by 10" high.
'Eis-Lametta' Tinsel ~ Gold
#VIN036G   $21.50
'Eis-Lametta' Tinsel ~ Silver
#VIN036S   $21.50
'Brillant Metallic Eislametta'
1980's Austrian Tinsel Icicles
Our heavier-weight metallic icicles
are just like the old-fashioned lead
tinsel icicles that were so stylish on
Christmas trees in the olden days.
An almost impossible-to-find item in
a rosy shade of pink, these vintage
Lametta tinsel icicles can be used
year after year on your tree.
Made in Austria in the 1980's, the
family company that manufactured
them is sadly no longer in business.
Metallic icicles are 18" in length;
cardboard sleeve is 3¼" by 11".
Package has approximately
90 strands of tinsel icicles.
1970s angel gift ball paper-mache Christmas ornaments
1970s angel gift ball paper-mache Christmas ornaments
Such a wonderful trimming for any
Christmas tree, our heavy Lametta
icicles are perfect for anyone that
likes the classic look of glimmering
icicles on their tree. The same kind
of Lametta icicles that your great-
grandparents would have used to
decorate their own Christmas tree,
these tinsel icicles can be stored
in their cardboard package to be
re-used for many years to come.
Made in Austria in the 1990's, the
icicles were produced by a family
firm that is no longer in business.
Metallic icicles are 19" in length;
cardboard sleeve is 3¼" x 11".
Packages have approximately
60 strands of tinsel icicles.
'Eislametta' Icicles ~ Gold
'Brillant Eislametta'
1990's Austrian Tinsel Icicles
'Eislametta' Icicles ~ Pink
#VIN038PK   $16.75
'Eislametta' Icicles ~ Silver
Sold out   #VIN038S
1990's German Swag Garland
Wow! We absolutely had no idea
that there were any more of these
older boxes of Christmas garlands...
but Spring cleaning does unearth
some fabulous treasures! A great
garland for the tree, it's also a nice
trim to use for holiday decorating
or crafting Christmas ornaments.
Manufactured in Germany in the
'90s, this swag garland was made
using real silver plated Lametta
tinsel that will darken over time to
an aged, antique looking patina.
Package has one garland that
is 10 ft. long by 1" wide.
Sold out
1970s angel gift ball paper-mache Christmas ornaments