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Easter Ephemera from circa 1900 to the 1980's
Made in Germany and the U.S.A.
From the Blümchen Archives
Easter and Springtime Ephemera for Collectors and Crafters
Old stock that dates from circa 1900 to the 1980's
Now that Spring is in the air, why not create
special ornaments to hang on an Easter tree,
or even craft fanciful keepsake decorations
to include in a loved one's Easter basket?
This Easter selection of authentic antique
and vintage ephemera are more treasures
that we have accumulated since 1985 and
have kept safely stored in our archives.
1902s French glass perfume flacons with antique German glass pearl beads
antique 1890s Victorian Dresden trim Valentine hearts
antique 1890s Victorian Dresden trim Valentine hearts
Circa 1900 Antique Scraps
Large Meadow Rabbit Scraps
Nostalgic meadow rabbit scraps are genuine,
antique originals that were made in Germany
more than 100 years ago. Printed on heavier
weight paper than modern scraps, they are
finely embossed for added detailing. Die-cuts
have a semi-gloss lacquer finish that brings
out the rich hues of the printing process.
Produced by Littauer & Boysen circa 1900,
do note that while these antique scraps are
still in very good condition, they may have a
slight flaw such as a missing blade of grass.
Rabbit scraps are 6-1/4" high.
Sold as 1 piece.
Large Meadow Rabbit ~ Facing Right
Sold out
Large Meadow Rabbit ~ Facing Left
1910s To My Valentine Foil Heart
Circa 1900 Antique Scraps
Victorian Easter Rabbits
Easter bunnies are so very busy in
the spring, and are seldom seen out
and about without a basket of eggs
or an extra-large egg to show off!
Antique old stock that is at least 110
years old, these fanciful rabbits are
still in wonderful, unused condition.
Printed in Germany, most probably
by L&B, or Littauer & Boysen, the
embossed scraps were produced
on a heavier-weight paper. Rabbit
die-cuts have a semi-gloss finish.
Rabbit scraps are all about
3" high by 1-3/8" wide.
Sold as a set of 3 pieces.
Sold out
1920's Scraps - No. 1532
Raphael Tuck 'Wild Flowers'
Published nearly 100 years ago, this
full sheet is labeled 'Raphael Tuck &
Sons, Ltd. Gigantic Relief' with 'Wild
Flowers No. 1532' and 'Printed in
Germany.' Still as bright and colorful
as the day it was printed nearly 95
years ago, this sheet includes 20
assorted wild flower scrap reliefs.
Original old stock from our archives,
the embossed scraps were printed
on heavy-weight paper, then coated
with a satin finish lacquer gloss.
Quantities are extremely limited.
Sheet is 6-1/2" wide by 9-1/4"
high. Individual scraps are
all about 1-1/4" by 1-3/4".
Sold as 1 sheet of 20 scraps.
Sold out
1920s Valentine Verse card by Whitney-Made
1920s floral Valentine cherub die-cut
1930's Vintage Scraps
Whimsical Rabbit Heads
These grinning bunny rabbit heads
are wonderful for crafting Easter
ornaments and decorations due to
their larger size. Original old stock
that date to the '30s, they are more
than 80 years old, yet still
look as
fresh as the day they were made.
Printed in Germany by the company
"K & L," the scraps were produced
on a firm, heavyweight paper with
nicely embossed details. Die-cuts
have a satin gloss lacquer finish.
Rabbit head die-cuts are
2-1/2" high by 1-1/2" wide.
Sold as a set of 4 pieces.
1940's Vintage Die-Cuts
Shy Pink Bunny Heads
So very sweet, these pink bunny
heads have a shy expression that
gives them an old-time charm for
your handcrafted items. We made
our bunny egg favors by gluing the
die-cuts between two pieces of
foil-wrapped chocolate egg halves.
Die-cuts are made of a lightweight
cardboard with a plain paper back.
While unmarked, the die-cuts were
manufactured in the U.S.A., most
probably by the Beistle Company.
Bunny head die-cuts are
1-5/8" high by 1" wide.
Sold as a set of 8 pieces.
1940s Valentine heart gummed seals
1910s To My Valentine Foil Heart
1950's Vintage Dresden Trims
White Garden Daisies
A rarely seen item, these Dresden
trims were made from thin cardboard
with a white finish on the front side.
Nicely embossed and die-cut, they
have lemon yellow stamen centers
that were were spray painted on.
Manufactured in Western Germany
more than 60 years ago, these old
stock paper embellishments are still
in unused condition. Please note
that the cardboard has aged over
the years for a vintage look. Only
limited quantities are available.
Dresden daisies are 2" wide.
Sold as a set of 4 pieces.
1980's Vintage Dresden Trims
Flocked Yellow Chicks
Fuzzy yellow chickies for Easter!
On our first visit to the Nuremberg
Toy Fair back in 1987, we were so
happy to find these cute Dresden
chicks at the booth of the German
manufacturer. Unfortunately, when
we tried to order additional flocked
chicks the next year, we were told
they were no longer being made.
Old stock from Western Germany,
these die-cut paper Dresden trims
are flocked on the front side only.
Chicks are 1" high by 1" wide.
Sold as a set of 3 pieces.
1940s Valentine heart gummed seals
1910s To My Valentine Foil Heart
1980's Old Stock Die-Cuts
Easter Bunny Discs
Most probably printed in the early
1980's, these Easter bunny die-cuts
still have a bit of a "flower power"
'70s stylistic vibe to their design.
Produced as decorations for party
hats and novelty Easter baskets
by an American manufacturer of
fancy party goods, these Easter
discs were printed in the U.S.A.
Made from cardstock with a satin
gloss finish, the back is left plain.
Disc are 1-7/8" in diameter.
Sold as a set of 10 pieces.