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1930's Dennison Seals Sheets ~ Danish Foil Paper Cones
Craft Instructions to make Cornucopia Ornaments
Vintage & Old Store Stock
1930's Dennison Seals from the USA ~ Gold Foil Cones from Denmark
Create your own petite party favor and ornament cornucopias with
our step-by-step instructions - Suitable for all skill levels!
What could be more thoughtful than to present
your loved ones with a pretty handmade token
of affection? These petite gold cones will hold
candy or small gifts, and can then be enjoyed
as keepsake ornaments on a Christmas tree.
The vintage 1930's seals sheets and the old
stock Danish gold foil paper cones are more
treasures from the Blümchen archives that
we are pleased to share with fellow crafters
and holiday collectors alike.
1902s French glass perfume flacons with antique German glass pearl beads
1930's Dennison Seals ~ Rare Original Uncut Sheets
Printed in Framingham, Mass. by Dennison Mfg. Co.
These wonderful, uncut seals sheets are original stock that were made more than
80 years ago! Produced to be sold in little boxes as die-cut, gummed seals, these
sheets are so rare because they are un-gummed production that had yet to be
die-cut. We purchased these collectible ephemera sheets from an antiques dealer
in Massachusetts who had obtained them from a former employee of Dennison.
Vintage sheets are from the 1930's and thus may show some slight
signs of foxing or curled edges. Sheets are 13" long by 4" high.
Special! Save 15% off single sheets + 15% off already reduced value set!
1930's Dennison Seals - 1 sheet
Was $2.95, now just $2.50
1930's Dennison Seals - 6 sheets
Was $15.90, now just $13.50
Christmas snow tinsel garland from Germany circa 1990
1990s snowball gift box ball made in Germany
Danish Foil Paper Cones
1990's Gold Cones for Crafting
We purchased these gold foil paper
cones from a Danish manufacturer
back in January 1990. Kept safely
stored in airtight plastic bins, these
crafting cones are nearly 30 years
old, yet they still look brand new!
Made from an embossed gold foil
paper with a lightly etched pattern,
the backs are closed with staples.
Please note that these cones were
individually rolled by hand, so they
may vary in form ever so slightly.
Handmade foil cones are
3½" high by 1½" wide.
Sold as a set of 12 pieces.
Sold out
Ornament & Party Favor Cornucopias
Our step-by-step crafting instructions
Craft Materials:
•  Gold foil paper cones
•  Ribbon - 1/4" wide
•  Die-cut seals and scraps
•  Dresden trims
Tools & Supplies:
•  Scissors for fine work
•  Tacky white glue
•  Straight edge ruler
•  Brush for applying glue
1)  Cut a piece of 1/4" wide ribbon: it can be
from 5½" to 6" long. Our pretty pink flower cornucopias all have 5½" long ribbons, while
the Valentine heart cornucopia ribbons are 6".
2)  The cornucopia ornament is created using
two cones; choose a pair that fit together well.
The first step is to position the staples in back,
then carefully squeeze the "inner" cone at the
top to make an oval opening. This is an easy
way to determine the ideal spot on the left and
right side of the cone where you should glue
on the ribbon hanger.

Measure 1/4" down from the top on the left
side of the cone; then glue down one end of
the ribbon on the outside of the cone. Finish
the hanger by attaching the other end of the
ribbon 1/4" down on the opposite side of the
cone, also on the outside.
3)  To complete your cornucopia ornament,
add a few light dabs of a tacky glue to the
inside of the "outer" cone. Hold this cone so
that the staples are in the back, then set in
the prepared "inner" cone and gently, but
firmly, press it down into place so that the
two top edges will nearly meet.
The ribbon handle will now be held securely
in place, and the finished ornament will have
a neat, clean look. For the final step, paint a
line of glue underneath the loose edge of the
flap inside the cone to hold it down in place.
4)  Now that your cones are ready to trim,
you can decorate them to make charming
party favors for birthday parties, weddings
and baby showers or to use as cornucopia
ornaments for Christmas, Easter, or even
We offer a nice selection of lacy Dresden
border trims to embellish your cones with,
and our collection of scrap relief pictures
includes designs that are perfect for any
holiday or special occasion:
1980s Santa Claus cardboard boot halves from Western Germany