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German Papier-Mâché Angel Face and Wings
Old Stock from 1998 ~ Made by Richard Mahr, GmbH.
Original Old Stock from 1998
Angel Face with Wings
Traditional German Papier-Mâché
Made by the Richard Mahr company for us
back in 1998, this artistic papier-mâché set
of angel face with gold wings has an aged,
antique look. Produced in an historic, family-
owned factory which has specialized in the
creation of handmade papier-mâché nativity
figures for more than a century, their skilled
artisans use the original antique molds and
time-honored crafting techniques to create
these classic papier-mâché pieces.
Custom made to Blümchen's specifications,
we ordered this set while visiting the factory
in Steinach, Germany in January 1998. Kept
safely stored in our attic, these 21-year-old
pieces are still in unused condition. Do note
that the available quantity is quite limited.
  Size Information  •
Bas relief face is 1-1/4" high by
1" wide; angel wings are both
2-1/4" high by 1-1/4" wide.
vintage mohair bunny head in white gift box
Solid Cast Papier-Mâché Pieces
Pressed into molds using a special,
clay-like formula of papier-mâché,
these solid cast molded pieces are
very hard and thus quite sturdy.
vintage mohair bunny head in white gift box
vintage mohair toy bunny rabbit heads from East Germany
vintage mohair bunny head in white gift box
Angel face is 1-3/8" high by 1" wide;
wings are 2-1/4" high by 1-1/4" wide.
Angel Face & Wings Set
Made in Germany by 'Marolin'
This set of angel face with matching
wings is a wonderfully old-fashioned
supply for crafters. Whether making a
doll, dressed nativity scene angel or
even a fanciful candy container, the
solid cast papier-mâché pieces can
be re-painted to suit your project.
The wings have inset copper wires
that are sturdy, yet easily bendable,
so they can be securely attached
to any crafted form or doll body.
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vintage mohair bunny head in white gift box