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Blümchen's Fanciful Tinsel Icicle Ornaments in
Vintage 1930's 'Lametta-Eiszapfen' Boxes
Treasures from our Archives
Exclusive Lametta Ornaments
from the Blümchen Atelier
Fanciful old stock ornaments that date from
Holiday 1998 to 2006, these petite Lametta
tinsel ornaments were designed and crafted
in our Ridgewood atelier. Each ornament is
made entirely by hand using materials that
are either antique, vintage or traditional. All
of the ornaments are individually packaged
in 1930's icicles boxes that are so cute you
can even hang them as decorations on the
Christmas tree! Quantities are limited.
These lightweight ornaments are especially
suited for hanging from the very tips of tree
branches, because they add a bit of sparkle
where a heavier ornament just won't do.
About the Lametta tinsel
Made in Germany, this genuine old Lametta
tinsel dates to the 1930's and 1940's. Kept
stored in the attic of a factory that survived
WWII, we were delighted when the owners
of the factory offered us all their remaining
stock of these rare tinsel icicle trims. A bit
thinner and stiffer than modern Lametta, do
note that these real metallic tinsels have all
darkened somewhat due to their age.
how to make chenille candy cane ornaments
Every Icicle is Gift Packaged in a
Vintage 'Lametta-Eiszapfen' Box
As a special Christmas treat, each
tinsel icicle ornament comes tucked
into the charming 1930's German
"tinsel icicles" box pictured above.
Tinsel Boxes
candy cane chenille twist wired roping from Germany
how to make chenille candy cane ornaments
'Starflower' Tinsel Icicles
Old stock from Holiday 1998, these sprightly
tinsel ornaments feature colorfully lacquered
Dresden trims. Ornaments are both 3" high.
Pink Starflower
#DBB04-PK  $15.95
Sale!   $12.75
Blue Starflower
#DBB04-BL  $15.95
Sale!   $12.75
'Golden Angel'
Dating to Holiday 2006, our
glittering icicle ornament has
an antique scrap face with
old Dresden trims. 3¾” ht.
#DBB05-G   $21.95
Sold out   $17.55
'Blue Santa Claus'
Dating to Holiday 1999, this
elegant blue and gold tinsel
ornament has an antique
Santa scrap face. 3¼" ht.
#DBB60   $18.50
Sold out   $14.80
Old stock from Holiday 2003, these Christmas
rose topiaries feature genuine Victorian die-cut
scraps with vintage Dresden trims. 2½" high.
Red Rose
#DBB75-R   $17.95
Sale!   $14.35
Yellow Rose
#DBB75-Y   $17.95
Sale!   $14.35
'Rose Topiary' Tinsel Icicles
'A Cascade of Angels' Tinsel Icicle Ornaments
Old stock from Holiday 2005, each of these fanciful tinsel ornaments features three genuine
antique angel scraps with vintage ribbon bow and hand-painted Dresden holly. 3¾” high.
Red Bow
#DBB81-R   $22.50
Sold out   $18.00
Yellow Bow
#DBB81-Y   $22.50
Sale!   $18.00
Blue Bow
#DBB81-BL   $22.50
Sale!   $18.00
'Raphael Angel' Tinsel Icicles
Dating to Holiday 2003, each antique scrap of a
little 'Raphael Angel' on a cloud is framed within
a filigree gilt Dresden trim frame. 3" high.
Angel Scrap A
#DBB68-A   $19.50
Sold out   $15.60
Angel Scrap B
#DBB68-B   $19.50
Sold out   $15.60
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