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Vintage German Easter Grass
West German Excelsior Grass ~ East German Fine Paper Grass
Old Stock from the 1980's
Genuine German Easter Grass
for Collectors & Easter Enthusiasts
Even we are surprised by the nifty treasures
that are stored in our attic! Tucked under the
eaves, way in the back, were original sealed
bulk boxes of narrowest-strand paper grass
from Eastern Germany, and green excelsior
grass that was made in Western Germany!
Both dating to the '80s, these wonderful Old
World basket fills have an aged appearance
that is sure to enhance any Easter display or
craft design project.
1902s French glass perfume flacons with antique German glass pearl beads
Circa 1985 ~ East Germany
Raspberry Paper Easter Grass
If you want an authentically nostalgic
paper grass to use when displaying
your vintage Easter collectibles, this
extra-fine raspberry grass is sure to
please! Old stock from the mid-'80s,
we purchased large bulk boxes of
the grass and have kept it stored in
the Blümchen archives ever since.
•  Condition Notes  •
While this finest-strand paper grass
has been kept in sealed boxes, the
color has mellowed over time so that
some strands may have faded a bit.
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Raspberry Easter Grass ~ 1 bag
15 grams per bag. East Germany.
Sale! $2.45
Raspberry Easter Grass ~ 3 bags
15 grams per bag. East Germany.
Sale! $6.60
Circa 1988 ~ West Germany
Teal Green Excelsior Grass
An old-fashioned style of basket fill,
we imported this difficult-to-find grass
in 1988 from Ernst Dreefs GmbH, a
West German firm that specialized in
producing traditional paper mache
Easter eggs. Still as vivid and bright
as the day it was made, please note
that it has dried out a bit over time.
What is Excelsior grass?
Made from softwood shavings, this
grass was colored using food safe
dye for the German home market.
Sold as 1 bag of excelsior.
30 grams per bag.
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Sale! $3.40