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Vintage Lametta Tinsel Trims
Wired Roping from Austria ~ Garlands from Germany
Circa 1990 ~ Old Stock Trims
Austrian Lametta Tinsel Roping
German Tinsel & Chenille Garlands
Blümchen's Lametta tinsel wired roping and Christmas snow tinsel garlands were made
for us by family-owned companies in Austria
and Germany. Best-quality, old stock tinsel
trims from our archives, they were made in
the time-honored fashion on original antique
machines that date back to the early 1900's.
Our traditional Lametta trims are wonderful
for any holiday project, from Victorian era-
inspired ornaments to glittering angel halos
for the little ones to wear in Christmas plays
and church pageants.
This is our final offer of these nostalgic
Lametta tinsel trims, as both the Austrian
and German companies that produced
them are sadly no longer in business.
Quantities are quite limited.
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Austrian Lametta tinsel silver wired roping and German Christmas tree garlands
Austrian Lametta tinsel wired roping made circa 1990
Lametta Tinsel Wired Roping ~ Sterling Silver Plated
Made in Austria by Leonische Fabric - circa 1990
Our deluxe, old-style wired tinsel roping was
made to order for us in Austria using sterling
silver-plated Lametta. Stored in our archives
for nearly thirty years, this metallic tinsel trim
is striking swagged over the branches of a
Christmas tree, or use it to create your own nostalgic ornaments and decorations. Silver
tinsel roping was manufactured with a stiff
wire center so that it holds its shape when
formed into any fanciful design.
decorative label on box of Austrian wired tinsel
Every coil of
silver tinsel
roping comes
packaged in
the charming
gift box as
Condition notes for this tinsel roping:
Original old stock that has never been used,
please do be aware that each coiled piece of
this real silver-plated tinsel may have golden
highlights of tarnishing on some sections due
to age. This is our final offering of this best-
quality tinsel roping, as the manufacturer in
Austria closed down in the early 2000's.
Sold as one piece of wired roping that
is 8-1/2 ft. long and 1" wide.
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Christmas snow tinsel garland from Germany circa 1990
Christmas Snow Tinsel Garlands ~ Gold and Silver
Made in Germany by Jacob Gilardi - circa 1990
A most unique style of tinsel garland swag
that features accents of real cotton chenille!
Produced to order for us in Germany, these
Lametta garlands were created on antique
machines. Woven with a thin thread center
so it drapes nicely, the fine metallic tinsel is
interspersed with snippets of fluffy chenille.
Old stock that we have kept safely stored
in our archives, these gold and silver tinsel
garlands are as bright and sparkling as the
day they were made. This is our final offer
of these rarest "snowy" tinsel garlands, as
the German manufacturer closed their firm
in the early 2000's. Quantities are limited.
Sold as one piece of tinsel and chenille garland that is 4 ft. long and 1" wide.
Each garland is gift boxed in our custom packaging as shown.
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Gold Tinsel & Chenille Garland
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Silver Tinsel & Chenille Garland
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