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Paper Mache "Karton" Christmas Decorations
1970's to 1990's old Stock from Western Germany
Made in Western Germany by Ernst Dreefs GmbH
Christmas Decorations of Pressed Cardboard
Belsnickle - Angel Ornaments - Snowball - Santa Boots
On our first buying trip to the world famous
Nürnberg Spielwarenmesse, or Nuremberg
Toy Fair back in 1986, we were excited to
visit the exhibit booth of the Dreefs company.
Specializing in the manufacture of "Karton"
holiday decorations, this family firm produced
many of the paper mache Easter eggs and
Christmas time candy containers that are so
eagerly collected by holiday enthusiasts.
When the elderly couple that owned Dreefs
retired in the mid-'90s, they closed down the
company for good. We are pleased to share
this final collection of our pressed cardboard
decorations and ornaments made by Dreefs
that have been stored in our archives.
These nostalgic holiday collectibles are our
final inventory, so quantities are limited.
vintage cardboard Christmas decorations from Western Germany
1970s angel gift ball paper-mache Christmas ornaments
Angel Ornament Gift Balls
1970's Paper Mache Boxes
Nostalgic Christmas ornaments from
the past, it was customary to tuck
festive candies inside the gift balls as
a sweet treat to delight the kiddies.
Handmade in Western Germany, a
skilled artisan first made thin, radial
cuts in the flat image, then carefully
glued down each strip to curve over
the ball - only to repeat the process
for the other half of the box! Coated
with a gloss lacquer that's darkened
over time, the liner reads "container
made in Western Germany."
Sold as one ornament per design. Round box is 2-3/8" wide.
'Angels by Snowy Village' Ornament
#VIN020A   $15.95
'Angels with Gifts' Ornament
#VIN020B   $15.95
Belsnickle Figure
1980's Paper Mache Santa
Wow! A rare collectible for Santa
enthusiasts, we purchased these
cardboard Belsnickles direct from
the manufacturer back in the '80s.
The pressed, unfinished cardboard
"Karton" figure was made in the old
manner from two separate pieces
that were stapled together, then
finished with a strip of white paper
tape. Still in original condition, we
received them with rusted staples,
so we suspect that their date of
manufacture could be a bit earlier
than the late 1980's. Gift boxed.
Sold as one Belsnickle.
Santa figure is 10-3/4" high.
Sold out
1980s belsnickle pressed cardboard Santa figure made in Western Germany
1990s snowball gift box ball made in Germany
Snowball Candy Container
1990's Paper Mache Box
Such a cute idea for a candy box,
this frosty snowball opens to hold
holiday candy treats or small gifts.
Made of pressed cardboard, this
round box is covered in fine white
flocking. Old stock that we bought
from the manufacturer in the early
'90s, the inner liner is printed with
"container handmade in Germany."
Sold as one snowball.
Round box is 2-3/8" wide.
Sold out
Santa Claus Boots
1980's Paper Mache Containers
Stored in our archives for thirty
years now, we purchased these
Santa Claus boot supplies direct
from the original maker. The raw
cardboard boot halves would be
glued or stapled together, with a
paper strip to cover the seam.
Dreefs used to produce finished
Santa boots painted a glossy red
with faux fur trim around the top
as a Christmas candy container,
but you could also use them as
footwear for a tall Santa figure.
We include a strip of white paper
"Knurling" with each boot set.
Sold in sets of 2 pieces to make one complete boot.
Small Santa Boot Halves
3-1/2" high ~ 3" wide heel-to-toe.
Sold out
1980s Santa Claus cardboard boot halves from Western Germany
Large Santa Claus Boot Halves
4-1/4" high ~ 4" wide heel-to-toe.
example of how to put together cardboard Santa boot halves
How to put together your
Santa Claus boot
While the original manufacturer used
staples to put together these boots,
our artists have tips for how to make
them using just glue and paper trim.
Line up both halves of the boot, then
use a pieces of tape or rubber bands
to help hold the sides together while
you assemble it. Next, run a thin line
of white glue-all between the edges
of the two cardboard boot halves.
Paint glue on one side of the strip of
stretchy white paper Knurling, then
paste it down so that the strip will
evenly straddle the boot's seam to
create a flat, smooth connection.
Cardboard Santa boots can be decorated
with paint, glitter, fabric or decoupage.