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1920's French Perfume Flacon
with Antique German Glass Pearl Beads
Antique Old Stock
Petite Perfume Bottle with Beads
Made in France and Germany
Filled with pearlized beads tiny enough for a
fairy's necklace, this petite facon was made
in France just about 100 years ago! Such a
special treat for any artisan, jewelry maker,
doll collector or even a perfume aficionado,
it is a unique antique treasure to present to
a loved one this Christmas.
About the glass flacon:
We obtained these small glass bottles from
the owners of the Mary Merritt Doll Museum
in Douglassville, Pennsylvania, in the early
1990's. The mother and daughter team had
obtained a large collection of antique French
glass items - all still in the original boxes - to
sell in their doll museum gift shop. While we
are listing the flacons as having being made
in the 1920's, the owners thought that their
manufacture could have been as early as
the turn-of-the-century.
About the tiny glass beads:
In January 1994, on a buying trip to Eastern
Germany, we were fortunate to purchase a
huge and varied collection of antique glass
beads. Produced in the Thuringian village of
Lauscha, which was known as the regional
center of their historic glass industry, these
teeny-tiny antique beads are amazing! Just
2 mm - or 5/64" wide, these miniature beads
were handcrafted by a skilled glassblower
of super-fine, hollow blown glass that has
a glowing, pearlized finish.
petite 1-5/8" glass bottles and 2mm beads in gift boxes
Holiday 1998 Collectibles
Originally offered in our holiday
catalog back in 1998, we found a
good quantity of these collectible
bottles with beads, still carefully
gift packaged in the old boxes.
* Sizing information *
1920's Flacon of clear pressed
glass is 1-5/8" high by 7/8" wide
and holds 1 gram of beads.
Antique Tiny Pearl Beads of blown
glass are 5/64" (2 mm) wide.
Approx. 225 beads per bottle.
1902s French glass perfume flacons with antique German glass pearl beads
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