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Nativity Scene Display Supplies
Old Stock from Von Jordan ~ Made in Bavaria
Old Stock from the 1990's
Nativity Scene Display Supplies
Made in Bavaria, Germany
Our 'Modellbahn-Zubehör', or accessories for
train layouts, are traditional supplies that are
also favorites for creating nostalgic nativity
displays. Old stock that we purchased from
the manufacturer in Germany in the mid-'90s,
these decorative trims are in original, unused
Crafters will find that the 'Streumaterial' of
dyed, finely chopped straw adds the perfect
accent when you desire a grassy touch on
any ornament or holiday decoration. These
old-time supplies are also handy for making
dioramas, and for school craft projects. And
as shown at right, our artists use this straw
flitter on Blümchen's exclusive nativity trees,
palm shrubs and florals accessories.
collection of glass doll and glass animal eyes made in Germany
nativity display supplies made in Bavaria, Germany
Groundcover Mats
These decorative groundcovers can be used for nativity scenes, train layouts, or any
type of display. Made from large sheets of paper with either a flocked or 'Streumaterial'
finish, they can easily be cut into custom sizes. And if you are planning on making an
elaborate display, the groundcover mats can be crumpled into 3-D shapes to create
naturalistic hills and dales that can be painted or glazed for a more realistic look.
Made in Bavaria, Germany in the '90s by Von Jordan.
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meadow green groundcover mat
pebble gray groundcover mat
Meadow Green Groundcover Mat
Decorative paper mat has a fuzzy flocking
finish. Mat is 29-1/2" high by 39" wide.
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Pebble Gray Groundcover Mat
Decorative paper mat has a Streumaterial
finish. Mat is 19-1/2" high by 29" wide.
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'Streumaterial' Sprinkle Straw
Made of dyed, finely chopped straw, this 'Streumaterial' can be sprinkled about on
nativity display scenes and train layouts to create more natural effects. Our artists
use this sprinkle straw to add the look of grass to the bases of nativity palm trees
and floral pieces, and as grassy accents on holiday ornaments and decorations.
45 grams per bag ~ approx. 1-1/2 cups volume
Made in Bavaria, Germany in the '90s by Von Jordan.
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meadow green groundcover mat
Light Green
#RM64S   $4.95
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Grass Green
#RM65S   $4.95
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Stone Gray
#RM66S   $4.95
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