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Fanciful Figural Blown Glass Ornaments for Crafters
Old Stock from East Germany
Old Stock from the mid-1990's
Nostalgic Glass Ornaments from
an East German 'Glasbläserei'
In the early '90s on a buying trip to Germany,
we visited a quaint glass ornaments shop on
our way to touring the Lauscha Glasmuseum.
The glass blower took us on a private tour of
his 'Glasbläserei', and was happy to make us
samples of his glass ornaments. Individually
blown by hand over a flame in his one-man
workshop, it was such a thrill to choose any
mould from his collection, then watch as the
glass figural was brought to life.
All of the ornaments were blown in antique
molds that were passed down from his father and grandfather. Very unique designs that
we have never seen anywhere else in our
more than 35 years of collecting ornaments,
do note that this glassblower is no longer
making ornaments. We're sad to say this is
our final selection of these ornaments.
These glass figurals are a nifty resource for
crafters, because they are a great starting
point to inspire you when creating old-style
holiday ornaments of your own!
how to strip ornaments to silver with acetone
How to Strip a Lacquered Ornament:
All you need to strip an ornament of its
original paint is acetone, paper towelling,
and cotton swabs. Dip the paper towel
into fresh acetone, then wipe away the
lacquer. Use the cotton swab to clean
any nooks or crannies in the design.
old stock blown glass figural ornaments from Germany
double-sided man head blown glass ornament
Double-Sided Man Head
Glass ornament is 1½" high from the
top of his head to the bottom of his
chin, not including the pike section.
Madchen girl head vintage blown glass ornament
Mädchen Head
Glass ornament is 1¾” high from the
top of her head to the bottom of her
neck, not including the pike section.
baby bottle vintage blown glass ornament
"For My Doll!" Baby Bottle
Glass ornament is 2" high and reads
Fröhliche Weihnachten on one side,
and Für Meine Puppe! on the other.
Sold out
Springerle cookie heart blown glass ornament
Springerle Cookie Heart
Glass ornament is 2¼" high and has
a running stag on one side with a
spray of flowers on the other side.
peacock on a round blown glass ornament
Proud Peacock
Glass ornament is 2" high and has
a detailed peacock on the front, with
an "orange peel" pattern of the back.
summerhouse blown glass ornament
European Summerhouse
Glass ornament is 2" high and has
a door on the front and windows
on the other sides of the building.
Sold out