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Vintage German Porcelain
Santa Claus Head & Hands Set
Old stock from Holiday 1992
Made in Germany by
'Royal Porzellan GmbH'
This top-quality bisque porcelain Santa Claus
head with matching hands is a real treasure
for Christmas crafters and doll artisans. Now
26-years-old, these collectible doll supplies
are still in original, unused condition.
The hollow-cast head has hand-painted lips, eyebrows and softly blushed cheeks. Inset eyes are made of real glass with blue irises.
Suitable for crafting a nostalgic Christmas
candy container Santa as pictured above in
our Holiday 1992 catalog, a standing figure
will be approximately 21" tall.
Sold out
Vintage Porcelain Santa Doll
Head & Hands Set
Head is 4" high; hands are 2½" long.