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Vintage 1950's Mohair Bunny Rabbit Heads
Original Old Toy Supplies from Sonneberg, Germany
Circa 1950's ~ East Germany
Vintage Baby Bunny
Mohair Toy Rabbit Heads
Made by hand more than 60 years ago by a
toymaker in Eastern Germany, these bunny
heads are old stock treasures from our own
archives. Crafted in the traditional fashion of
antique steel-blue mohair fabric, the rabbits
have soft peach colored wool felt-lined ears,
a hand-embroidered nose and mouth, and
lampwork glass eyes in a dark amber hue.
A wonderful resource for crafters that like
to create their own fanciful, decorative toys,
old-time candy containers or Easter rabbit
figures, each sweet little mohair bunny has
its own personality, which makes it a unique
piece to add to a holiday collection of vintage
Easter decorations and plush toys, too.
Handmade rabbit heads are
2-1/2" long including the ears;
the heads alone are 1-3/8" long
by 1" wide and 1-1/8" high.
vintage mohair bunny head in white gift box
Each bunny head comes tucked in
a nest of green paper grass in the
white gift box as shown above.
The story behind our mohair bunny heads
While on a buying trip to Western Germany in
January 1990, we were visiting an ornament
factory located in Coburg, which was on the
border with Eastern Germany. This was just
a few months after the fall of the Berlin Wall,
so we decided to drive to the border to see
if we could get into East Germany - and the
road was open, with not a guard in sight!
So on we drove into Sonneberg, which in the
early 1900's was the toy capital of the world.
Of course, our first stop had to be to visit the
Deutsches Spielzeugmuseum, or German Toy
Museum. And that's were we discovered the
source of these vintage mohair rabbit heads!
In a showcase displaying modern production
of plush toys from the surrounding region of
Thuringia, there was a dressed teddy with a
label listing the maker - and the company was
located right there in the city of Sonneberg.
The teddy bear workshop was housed in a
grand old building on a wide street, where
many of the world's toy exporters had their
offices. Up the stairs we went, and knocked
on the door to be received by the toymaker
herself. We were thrilled to be given a tour
of the workshop, and see the craftspeople
stuff teddies with excelsior, set in the glass
eyes, and even shave down the muzzles of
teddy bears using a man's electric razor.
When we explained to the toymaker that we
were interested in purchasing old-style and
traditional toys and holiday decorations, she
offered us these circa 1950's mohair bunny
rabbit heads. We purchased every available
piece, and brought them home safely boxed
in our carry-on luggage.
Old stock we have stored in our archives
since 1990, they're in very good condition.
vintage mohair toy bunny rabbit heads from East Germany
Bunny Rabbit Head
Sold as 1 piece - gift boxed.
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vintage mohair bunny head in white gift box