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1980's Mini Nutcracker Wooden Ornaments
"Made in German Democratic Republic"
Old Stock from the 1980's
Traditional Mini Wood Nutcracker
Made in Eastern Germany
Originating in the famous Erzgebirge region
of Eastern Germany in the 1600's, wooden
nutcracker figures that looked like soldiers
gained in popularity during the Victorian era.
Made in that traditional style, our mini wood
toy soldier nutcracker ornaments date to the
1980's and are in unused, mint condition.
Our mini nutcracker ornaments were made
in the classic form with an attention to detail
that is amazing -- each little toy soldier has
a lever handle that actually lifts up and down
so that the mouth will open and close, just
like on a full-size nutcracker figure!
Crafted in the time-honored fashion, these
3¼" nutcrackers are hand-assembled from
fourteen pieces of turned or shaped wood.
Lacquer color stained in a semi-gloss finish,
they are accented with gold detailing and
have hand-painted facial features. Beards
and hair are of wool-blend felt.
mini nutcracker ornaments side and back view
mini nutcracker ornaments side and back view
Our toy soldier nutcrackers stand
tall at nearly 3¼" high. Made with
metallic gold hangers, you can cut
it off to create a Christmas toy for
your favorite doll or teddy bear to
hold. Nutcrackers are gift boxed.
The bottom of every base is
stamped with "MADE IN GERMAN
1980's Mini Nutcracker wood ornaments made in East Germany
Mini Nutcracker ~ Red Jacket
Sold out
Mini Nutcracker ~ Blue Jacket