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Vintage Christmas Cutout ~ Made in Western Germany
'Santa Claus on a Snowy Rooftop Delivering Gifts'
Each Santa Claus cutout is still in
the same cellophane bag that we
received them in back in the '80s.
back of cutout stamped Foreign and Made in Western Germany
Cardboard cutout flat measures
9" high by 6-1/2" wide.
'Santa Claus on a Snowy Rooftop Delivering Gifts'
Vintage Cardboard Cutout
Mid-Century Western Germany
Santa Claus on a Snowy Rooftop
Vintage Cardboard Cutout
While attending the famous Nuremberg Toy
Fair, or
Nürnberg Spielwarenmesse in 1989,
we were thrilled to espy these authentic old
cardboard Christmas cutouts tucked around
the corner in the booth of the original maker.
The elderly owner was quite helpful, and he
agreed to look through their factory storage
to find these mid-century cutouts for us.
Stored undisturbed for more than 60 years,
this authentic old stock cardboard flat is still
in its original, unused condition. The back of
each piece is stamped FOREIGN along with
Made of crisply embossed, die-cut Karton -
a high-quality cardboard - each cutout was
lacquer-painted in a satin matte finish, then
accented with sparkling clear glass glitter.
Santa cardboard cutouts in cello packages
Do note that as these cardboard
cutout flats were manufactured in
the traditional fashion, the tip of
Santa's nose may have a slight
split due to the deep embossing.
vintage 1950s Santa Claus cardboard cutout from Western Germany