Introducing our NEW Weekly Specials
On select Fridays, we will offer a special listing of
unique, old stock supplies and vintage treasures.
Friday's Find
These exclusive offerings will be available in limited
quantities only, so remember to check back often!
picture link to vintage Christmas seals packs from the 1940s
Friday, June 28
picture link to wax angels and baby jesus figures from Germany
Friday, June 14
picture link to Eis-Lametta tinsel Christmas tree icicles from Germany and Austria
Friday, May 17
picture link to pink doily cards from Germany
Friday, May 3
picture link to collectible Easter ephemera rabbit scraps and vintage die-cuts
Friday, March 1
picture link to antique and vintage Valentine ephemera
Friday, February 1
picture link to 1930s seals sheets, gold cones and crafting instructions
Friday, January 25
picture link to 1920s french flacons with tiny glass pearl beads
Friday, October 19
picture link to vintage German glass doll and animal eyes
Friday, September 28
picture link to vintage Christmas foil paper scripts made in Japan
Friday, August 10