1930's Easter Gift Cards and Enclosure Cards
Collectible Easter Ephemera ~ Genuine Old Store Stock
Printed in America in the 1930's
Charming little cards with Easter wishes were customary to include with any gifts of springtime floral bouquets, candy treats or even Easter corsages. We are pleased to offer this nostalgic collection of vintage Easter cards in a variety of lovely designs. Printed in the USA more than eighty years ago, some cards may show slight signs of foxing because of their advanced age, but all are still in unused, very good condition.
The fold-over gift cards do include
a sentimental Easter greeting on
the inside, while the flat enclosure
cards are left blank on the back.
Sold individually as one vintage card.
Vertical gift cards are 2¼" by 4".
Horizontal gift cards are 4" by 2".
Enclosure cards are 4¼" by 2¼".
'Dressy Spring Chicks'
Fold-over gift card.
#PQ035A   $2.75
'Easter Lilies and Chick'
Fold-over gift card.
#PQ035B sold out
'Bunch of Violets'
Fold-over gift card.
#PQ035C sold out
'Girl with Presents'
Fold-over gift card.
#PQ035D   $2.50
'Peaceful Countryside'
Fold-over gift card.
#PQ035E   $2.50
'Chick in a Blue Egg'
Flat enclosure card.
#PQ036A   $2.25
'Woodland Violets'
Fold-over gift card.
#PQ035F   $2.50
'Springtime Pasture'
Flat enclosure card.
#PQ036B sold out
'Box of Ducks and Chicks'
Flat enclosure card.
#PQ036C sold out
'Manor House'
Flat enclosure card.
#PQ036D   $2.25
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