Easter Egg Ornaments
Craft your own egg ornaments for an Easter tree
These step-by-step craft instructions will show you how easy it is to
make pretty Easter ornaments! Made using hollowed-out eggs, our fancy
metal ornament cap hangers will add a finished look to your creations.
Tools and Materials
• Eggs
• Metal ornament caps
• Acrylic paint
• Scrap relief die-cuts
• Dresden trim borders
• Paper - white or colors
• Scissors for fine work
• White tacky glue-all
• Paint brushes for painting
   and applying glue
• Paring knife or large needle
• Wooden skewer
Step 1: Empty out a raw egg
Make a round hole on the top of the
egg that is from 1/4" to 5/16" wide.
There are two methods for emptying
an egg, depending on if you want
just one hole in the top for the cap,
or the easier method where there's
a hole at both ends of the egg.
Using a sharp paring knife or large
darning needle, gently tap-tap-tap a
hole into the center top of the egg.
Put a wooden skewer into the egg,
wiggling it around to help break up
the yolk and ease out the contents.
The easiest method is to make a hole
in both ends, with just a tiny hole on
the bottom of the egg, then blow the
contents out through the larger hole.
Lastly, fill the emptied egg shell with
water, shaking to clean out the inside.
Let dry completely before decorating.
Step 2: Glue on a paper collar
Add a paper hole reinforcement ring to
the egg hole to strengthen the edge.
First, paint a layer of white glue on
the inside of the egg around the hole.
Let dry, then apply a second coat.
Next, you will glue a paper collar to
the top of the egg. This will add an
extra support so that the metal cap
won't damage or break the shell.
Paper hole reinforcement rings:
You can purchase premade rings in
a stationery shop, buy a specialized
ring hole punch cutter, or make your
own custom paper ring collars.
Make your own ring collars:
Use a standard 1/4" hole puncher to
make a small hole in a piece of paper.
Next, trace a circle around the hole
using a drafting circle template, or cut
out with a .5" circle punch cutter.
Step 3: Decorate an Easter egg
Embellish your egg with die-cut
scraps and Dresden trim borders.
Before decorating an egg ornament,
you can paint it a solid color, or add
more artistic details to complement
your design. For our garden gnome
egg, we sponged wispy clouds onto
a blue sky, then painted the bottom
to match the grass on the scrap.
How to glue scraps onto an egg:
The basic idea is to make cuts in the
scrap picture that point towards the
center of the scrap image. This way,
when gluing down the scrap, these
cut sections can be overlapped to
curve over the surface of the egg.
To add a finishing touch, brush on
a liquid acrylic satin finish or use
an acrylic clear spray lacquer.
•  Ornament Caps Size Guide for Chicken Eggs  •
Large Egg
Extra-Large Egg
Jumbo Egg
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