'Easter Greetings'
Victorian Milk Glass Eggs
Floral Painted Glass Easter Eggs
Handmade in the USA
A traditional Easter treat since Victorian times, this grand egg is embossed with the salutation "Easter Greetings" in gilt raised lettering. So charming to display nestled in an Easter basket or tucked into any Spring floral arrangement, it's a delightful egg for Easter enthusiasts.
Handcrafted by a family-run glassworks in Ohio, these nostalgic Victorian milk glass eggs are artistically painted by hand so that no two are exactly alike. Molded, blown glass eggs are made of an opalescent white milk glass and are larger in size than an ostrich egg!
Sold as one deluxe glass egg.
Extra-large milk glass Easter eggs
are all about 6½" high by 4¼" wide.
Weight of these heavy glass eggs
varies from 14 to 15 ounces.
We are now Sold Out of all of the
milk glass eggs in this collection.
However, we have contacted the
manufacturer to see if they have
a few more remaining in stock.
Victorian Glass Eggs for Easter 2020
We are so happy that these charming 'Easter Greetings' eggs are available
once again! A popular item with Easter collectors and enthusiasts, we were
saddened when the glassblowers told us back in 2017 that they would no
longer be making them. But when we checked this January to ask if they
would ever put them back into production, we were told that "they had a
box of some painted eggs." Available in very limited quantities, now is
your chance to add one of these eggs to your collection. Each $64.00
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'Purple Asters'
Milk Glass Egg
Matte Satin Milk Glass Egg
Milk Glass Egg
Sold Out #EA185-A
Sold Out #EA185-B
Sold Out #EA185-C
Milk Glass Egg
Milk Glass Egg
'Florist Daisies'
Milk Glass Egg
Sold Out #EA185-D
Sold Out #EA185-E
Sold Out #EA185-F
'White Garden Daisies'
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'Apple Blossoms'
Milk Glass Egg
'Passion Flowers'
Milk Glass Egg
Sold Out #EA185-J
Sold Out #EA185-K
Sold Out #EA185-L
'Gerbera Daisies'
Milk Glass Egg
'Black-Eyed Susans'
Milk Glass Egg
'Two Hummingbirds'
Matte Satin Milk Glass Egg
Sold Out #EA185-G
Sold Out #EA185-H
Sold Out #EA185-I
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