Polish Easter Egg Dye
Egg Dye in Five Bright Colors!
Set 3 packs ~ Made in Poland
Dye your Easter eggs the European way with this traditional Polish egg coloring! Five vibrant colors per packet, this egg dye coloring is food safe. Each packet contains approximately 3 gr net weight of powdered Easter egg coloring. From Poland.
How-to instructions are printed on the back of the paper packets in English, Polish and Russian.
Sold as a set of three dye packets.
Each packet contains 5 sachets
of powdered egg dye: yellow,
red, orange, blue and green.
Polish Easter Egg Dye, 3 Packets
Instructions from the back of the packets:
Way of Using
Pour pigment of one sachet to a half glass of
boiling water. Add a spoon of vinegar. Put a
clean, cooked and still hot egg (best a white
one), into the prepared mixture for a couple
of minutes. After taking out and drying the
egg, polish it with a cloth or fat.
Easter Egg Dye from Poland
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