'Victorian Easter Rabbit'
Exclusive Gift Cone Ornaments
From the Blümchen Atelier
So authentically styled and crafted that they could be mistaken for rare antique ornaments, the cornucopias are original designs from our artists. So charming to display on the blooming branches of an Easter tree, the Victorian-style gift cone ornaments are wonderful to hang on a Christmas tree, too! Gift boxed.
Made in the same manner as Victorian cone ornaments, we used only antique and old-style materials such as a starry patterned paper from Germany that is 90 years old, hanging ribbon from the 1910's, and genuine antique Mr. Easter rabbit die-cut scraps that were printed in Germany more than 100 years ago.
Sold as one cornucopia.
Ornaments are 6½" high from the
point to the cone top; overall height
including hanging ribbon is 10".
Cornucopia: Rabbit with Pink Bow
Cornucopia: Rabbit with Blue Bow