Victorian Dresden Bobèches
Flower and Candle Cuffs
Original Old Stock from the 1980's
Made in Western Germany
Dress up any party table with our Victorian candle cuffs! Designed to catch wax drips from burning candles, these elegant Dresden bobèches add a touch of Old World charm to any special event, from anniversary parties to a festive Christmas dinner or even a romantic dinner date. Dating to 1980's West Germany, the vintage Dresden trims are still packaged in their original cello bags.
Made of sturdy cardboard that has shiny gold or silver foil on both sides, these intricately embossed cuffs are also popular as elegant surrounds to frame a small flower bouquet or to make tussie mussies.
Sold as four pieces per pack.
Dresden candle cuffs are 3¾”wide.
These cuffs can be used on candles
that measure from 3/4" to 1" wide.
Candle & Flower Cuffs - Gold
Candle Cuffs - Silver - Sold out