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Spun Glass Angel Hair
  Made in the U.S.A.  
spun glass curly angel hair in original boxes made in USA
Curly Angel Hair
Vintage spun glass angel hair ~ Made in America
Old store stock from the 1980's
Finest white angel hair is made of curls
of silky spun glass. As soft and puffy as
clouds in the sky, this Christmas supply
was traditionally used in drifts on a tree,
or as "snow" in Putzen village displays.
Old store stock that we purchased back
in the 1980's, these unopened boxes of
curly spun glass have been kept safely
stored in our archives and are all in very
good, unused condition.
This curly angel hair was manufactured
by National Tinsel Mfg. Co. of Manitowic,
Wisconsin. Each box contains 1 oz. net
wt. of flame resistant decorations.

Angel Hair is a fine glass fiber.
Use for decorative purposes only.
Proper care should be taken
during use. Keep away from pets
and children. Avoid contact
with eyes and face.

vintage box of curly spun glass angel hair
White Spun Glass
Curly Angel Hair
Net wt. 1 ounce per box. Fine
spun glass is flame resistant.
Made in USA in the '80s.
#SGQ001   $14.95
yellow spun glass angel hair made in Germany
Yellow Spun Glass 'Feen-Haar'
Made in Germany in the 1990's
Called 'Feen-Haar,' in German, which
translates to "Fairy's Hair," this airy
cloud of real spun glass dates to the
1990's. A pale yellow color which is
not commonly found, this spun glass
can be used on a Christmas tree or
when crafting old-style ornaments.
Non inflammable. From Germany.
10 grams / .35 oz. per bag
#SGQ002Y   $7.50