Spun Glass Tails and Wings
  Made in Germany  
Spun Glass Bird Tails
Old-time supplies for ornament repair and holiday crafts
Made in Germany for Blümchen
Whether crafting a Christmas ornament
or repairing a blown glass bird that has
lost its plumage, our spun glass tails are
a difficult-to-find resource for collectors,
artisans and home crafters.
Handmade in Germany in the traditional
fashion by a master craftsperson, these
silky spun glass tails are just the same
as spun glass that was used on antique
Christmas ornaments in days gone by.
spun glass Christmas ornments
link to metal bird leg ornament clips
We also have bird leg clips!
Now available in four sizes, including an
extra-large 5" length, these fan-shaped
supplies can also be used as wings for
wax angels, as the gown on old-style
scrap ornaments, or even as silky tails
on shooting star comet ornaments.
•  White Spun Glass Tails  •
Sold as 1 piece per size ~ Made in Germany
spun glass tail 2 inches high
spun glass tail 3 inches high
spun glass tail 4 inches high
spun glass tail 5 inches high
2" spun glass tail
3" spun glass tail
4" spun glass tail
5" spun glass tail
#SGT002   $1.95
#SGT003   $2.50
#SGT004   $2.95
#SGT005   $3.50
vintage German spun glass tail 4 inches high
Old Stock Spun Glass Tail
Made in Germany in the 1990's
Vintage spun glass bird tails that were made in
Germany in the early 1990's, the extra-full tails
are in mint, unused condition. Each bird tail has
its original "Made in Germany" label sticker.
White spun glass tail is 4" high.
Sold as one piece.
#SGT004WH   $4.50
Sale! $3.60
vintage German spun glass bird tails