'Yuletide Snowflakes' mica flake glimmer
'Yuletide Snowflakes' Mica Flakes
Natural Mica Glimmer ~ Mined in the USA
2 oz. net wt. per package
White natural mica flakes from India 2 oz. per package
2 ounces net weight  -  2/3 cup volume
All of our mica flake glimmers are
carefully weighed and packaged in a
reclosable poly bag, then tucked into
the decorative gift box as pictured.
While the mica might be compacted
to fit into the packaging, the flakes
will "fluff out" to the listed volume.
'Yuletide Snowflakes' Mica Flakes
Like the delicate flakes of the season's first snowfall, this petite mica glimmer is icy bright. A unique type of mica due to its opaque, soft white coloration and pearlized sheen, it reflects light with a surprisingly vivid gleam. Evenly-colored and clean, this old stock, small flake mica is from our archives. USA.
Just about any style of adhesive can be used with mica sparkles, but do note that the type of glue will affect the final color and shine of the flakes. A white glue that dries clear is the best choice for maximum brilliance, while hide glue has an amber-toned hue that adds an aged, antique look to the flakes.