1930's 'Sparkle Christmas Snow' mica flakes in original old box
1930's 'Sparkle Christmas Snow' Mica Flakes
Natural Mica Glimmer ~ Mined in Utah, USA
5.5 oz. net wt. in original vintage box
vintage mica flakes mined in Utah, USA 5.5 ounces per box
5.5 ounces net wt.  -   3-3/4 cups volume
Our 80-year old American mica is
packaged in its original, unopened
box. The large, collectible box is 7"
high by 4¾” wide and is 1½" deep.
While the mica might be compacted
and have settled over the years, it
will "fluff out" to the listed volume.
'Sparkle Christmas Snow' Mica
Authentic American mica that dates to the 1930's, and is still packaged in the original box! Mined by "Mica Mountain Mines, Salt Lake City, Utah," the large flakes have a bright, satiny sheen and a slightly antiqued hue. The old stock sparkles are very even in coloration and match the mica flakes used in the olden days to add icy accents to Santa Claus figures and Belsnickles.
Just about any style of adhesive can be used with mica sparkles, but do note that the type of glue will affect the final color and shine of the flakes. A white glue that dries clear is the best choice for maximum brilliance, while hide glue has an amber-toned hue that adds an aged, antique look to the flakes.