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Crown Ornament Fasteners
  Old Stock made in Western Germany circa 1950  
Genuine vintage German ornament fasteners
Metal crown centers for crafting tinsel ornaments
These unique ornament fasteners are one of Blümchen's rarest
finds! Discovered stored in the attic of a German factory which
specialized in manufacturing Lametta tinsel trims and garlands,
these are the exact same metal crown fasteners which were
used throughout Europe by the Christmas industry to produce
traditional tinsel stars and fanciful holiday ornaments.
Victorian tinsel rosette ornaments
Our step-by-step craft instructions will
show you how to make heirloom-quality
ornaments of your own with these nifty
metal crown ornament fasteners.
Tinsel rosette craft instructions >
Crown Fasteners 6-Pronged
Metal center fasteners for making
6-pointed tinsel star ornaments
Fasteners are 7/16" wide by 5/16" high.
Silvery tin with gold-washed interiors.
Set of 10 pieces. West Germany.
Crown Fasteners 8-Pronged
Metal center fasteners for making
8-pointed tinsel star ornaments
Fasteners are 7/16" wide by 3/8" high.
Silvery tin with gold-washed interiors.
Set of 10 pieces. West Germany.
'Pfiffikus' Ornament Hangers
Made in Germany in the 1990's
Gold and Silver Wire Hangers
Glassine Packet of 10 pieces
Our favorite ornament hangers when
decorating the Christmas the tree with
lightweight ornaments or candies.
To use, gently press in at the top of
the main section to push the curved
ends apart so that the hanger can be
slipped over the branches of a tree.
Wire hangers are 1¾” high.
Gold 'Pfiffikus'
#J153G   $1.95
Silver 'Pfiffikus'
#J153S  Sold out
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