Steifkantille, Extra-Stiff
3mm wide ~ Silver
We had this extra-stiff Steifkantille made in
Germany to our own specifications for when we
needed a sturdier, less malleable Kantille to use as
hangers on our exclusive Victorian Whimsey®
ornaments. Stiff enough to hold its shape, yet
easy to work with, it has quickly become
one of our favorite Leonian wire trims!
1 yard per package.
#KB52S __ $8.50

Steifkantille ~ 3mm wide
Our most popular Steifkantille, this trim
is perfect for creating ornate curlicues
and swirls when crafting your own
Victorian-style ornaments.
1 yard per package
#KB50S _ $7.00
Authentic German Steifkantille
Fancy Spun-Wire Metal Trims

One of the most popular of all Leonian wire trimmings, our authentic Steifkantille is still made in
Germany in the traditional fashion. Steifkantille is created from fancily-spun metal bouillon which
is twisted around a central core of wire. This helps the Kantille to hold its shape so that it can be
formed into all manner of decorative embellishments. All of our shiny silver Steifkantille is produced
with real silver plating, so that these Leonian trims are "guaranteed to tarnish" for an old-time look.
~ Blümchen's direct import from the manufacturer in Germany ~

Steifkantille, Double-Twist ~ 4mm wide ~ Gold/Silver
This sumptuous gold and silver Steifkantille is manufactured in
Germany with a very stiff, heavy gauge inner wire. It is best to use
when you want to create a sturdy framework for larger ornaments and
decorations. It's also wonderful when formed into a circlet to create a
glistening base which can be decorate with jewels and flowers for
bridal tiaras and fairy princess crowns! 1 yard per package.
#KB60GS __ $11.50
Steifkantille, Eisdraht and Perldraht
Old-Time Decorative Wire Trims from Europe
Metal "Leonian Draht" Craft Supplies
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Steifkantille ~ 4mm wide
This wide Steifkantille has a bolder,
more glittering look which is great
when you are trimming larger-size
ornaments and decorations such
as tree top angels and stars.
1 yard per package.
#KB51S __ $7.50

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