Vintage Lametta Trims
Old stock tinsels from Germany and Austria
Our selection of vintage Lametta trims includes unique offerings you
just won't find anywhere else, because these rare specialty tinsels
have been stored in Blümchen's archives for more than 25 years.
German Tinsel Manufactory
This antique postcard, printed circa
1900, depicts a bird's eye view of the
historic factory complex where our
old stock Lametta "snow" roping
and stars were manufactured.
Please do note that this is our final
selection of these vintage, very limited
quantity Lametta tinsel decorations
Blümchen's Private Stock
Vintage Lametta Trims
We are pleased to share this treasure trove of rare tinsel trims from our own collection. These highest-quality metallic tinsel trims, tassels and stars were produced in Germany and Austria in the time-honored fashion on the original old machines that date to the late 19th century.
Regretfully, both of the European factories that created these most traditional of Lametta tinsel trims have closed their doors for good, which is especially sad because the German firm was established way back in 1689, and the Austrian family company was founded in 1802.
"Guaranteed to Tarnish"
These metallic trims will oxidize over time. Our vintage Lametta offerings, most especially the real silver plated tinsels, may all show varying degrees of tarnish, which gives the tinsel trims an aged, antique appearance.
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Vintage 1950's Lametta Tinsel "Snow" Roping
Old stock wired roping bumps ~ Made in Western Germany
These wonderfully rare "snow" roping wired trims were offered to us when the company that manufactured them closed down in the 1990's. Stored undisturbed in the factory's attic for decades, the owners were amazed to find this old stock that they estimated had been produced back in the 1950's.
These unique, large roping bumps are made from a combination of an early type of plastic fringe with fine filaments of Lametta tinsel.
Do note that due to their age, the gold tinsel has darkened to a bronze tone, while the real silver plated tinsel now has a gilded hue.
Snow Roping ~ White with Gold Tinsel
Wired roping is 6 ft. 6" long with 16 bumps
Bumps are 4-3/4" long by 2" wide
Snow Roping ~ White with Silver Tinsel
Wired roping is 7 ft. long with 18 bumps
Bumps are 4-1/2" long by 2" wide
Special value savings of 20% off:
Reg. price $24.00 - Now just $19.20
Sale! $19.20
Special value savings of 20% off:
Reg. price $25.95 - Now just $20.75
Sale! $20.75
   Lametta Tinsel Tassels   
These gorgeous Austrian tassels were made from a rare patterned Lametta!
Embossed with a design of teeny-tiny dots which gives the tinsel a unique
shimmer, these extra-full tassels all have approximately 300 strands.
Tinsel tassels are sold as 1 piece
Silver Tassel ~ 1-1/2" ht.
#LTQ004S   $2.95
Silver Tassel ~ 2" ht.
#LTQ005S   $3.50
Silver Tassel ~ 2-1/2" ht.
#LTQ006S   $3.95
Angel Tinsel Rosette
Old Stock from the 1980's
Made in West Germany
This rosette swirl of tinsel roping has a central halo of gold, pink and silver Lametta with a sweet angel scrap in the center. A vintage ornament that's so charming on a Christmas tree, it's 30 years old. Gift boxed.
Do note that the real silver plated
tinsels have tarnished to give it
a truly aged, old-time look.
Rosette is 2-3/4" by 3/4" deep.
Sold as 1 piece.