Lametta Tinsel Supplies
Traditional tinsel trims from Germany
Classic Christmas decorations since Victorian times, our selection of
old stock Lametta tinsel tails, halos and comets includes rare styles
that were made by a German manufactory just for Blümchen.
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Blümchen's Exclusive
Lametta Tinsel Trim Supplies
Our authentic Lametta tinsel trimmings were manufactured in the same fashion as tinsel ornaments that graced European Christmas trees more than 120 years ago! Produced in Germany on the original antique Victorian-era machines by a family-run company that was founded in 1689, these classic metallic tinsel trims were created especially for us.
A Note about Lametta "Lahn"
All of our tinsel craft supplies are made from real German metal "Lahn," which is prized by artisans and decorators for its old-fashioned qualities. Manufactured from thin strands of copper that has a plated finish of real silver, gold-tone or a fancy color, this shiny metallic tinsel will bend and crease without mindful handling, but this just adds authenticity to its true Victorian charm.
"Guaranteed to Tarnish"
These metallic trims will all oxidize over time. The gold-tone and fancy color Lametta tinsel will acquire somewhat darker patinas, while all of our real silver plated Lametta tinsel is "guaranteed to tarnish."
Fancy-color Lametta tinsel comets in
their original West German boxes
Tinsel Trim Packaging
All of our Lametta
crafting supplies
are individually
packaged with a
card backing. To
open, carefully slit
the top of the bag
to remove the card
with the tinsel trim.
   Lametta Tinsel Tails   
These reflective, shiny metallic Lametta tinsel tails have thin
wire hangers. Old stock from the 1990's, they were made to
our specifications by a tinsel manufactory in Germany.
Tinsel tails are sold as 1 piece
Silver ~ 2-1/2" ht.
#LT907S   $1.95
Sold out
Silver ~ 3" ht.
#LT908S   $2.25
Sold out
Silver ~ 3-1/2" ht.
#LT909S   $2.50
Silver ~ 4-1/2" ht.
#LT911S   $2.95
Pink & Silver ~ 4" ht.
#LT910PS   $2.95
Aqua & Silver ~ 5" ht.
#LT912AS   $2.95
Sold out
Gold, extra-full ~ 5-1/2"
#LT914G   $3.95
Sold out
Lametta Tinsel
Our celestial, sparkling
Lametta comets can be
displayed on your tree
as is, or decorate using
fancy embellishments to
create striking, old-style
ornaments of your own.
Made in Germany just for
us, these rare old tinsel
comets are available in
very limited quantities.
Comets are 3" wide
by 6-1/2" high.
Sold as 1 piece
Blue & Silver Comet
#LT950BS   $5.95
Pink & Silver Comet
#LT950PS   $5.95