Crimped Bullion Wire
Decorative Wire for Crafters & Florists
820' per spool ~ From Germany
A popular wire with European florists for adding subtle, gleaming accents to any flower arrangement, bouquet or holiday floral decoration, this decorative wire is great for all manner of crafts projects. The artists in our atelier love using this wire because the zig-zag crimping gives it a bit of a "grip," which helps keeps it in place when using it. Quite delicate in appearance, the 28-guage bullion wire is strong enough so that it won't break easily. Manufactured in Germany.
Sold as one spool of wire.
Plastic spools are 2¾” high by 1"
wide. Each spool holds 250 meters
of wire, which is 820 feet total.
Crimped Bullion Wire ~ Gold
Crimped Bullion Wire ~ Silver