'First Frost Clean-Up'
Holiday 1993 Victorian Whimsey
from the Blümchen Atelier
When a long-time customer inquired if our artists could make her any more of this Whimsey, we said "sorry, no, we really can't"... but then the project bag with the completed pieces was found! All we needed then were blown glass mushrooms... and lo and behold, we found them tucked away in the attic. A choice piece for Christmas enthusiasts, this is the final chance to add one of these rare, early Victorian Whimsey ornaments to your collection.
Crafted with only vintage and old-style materials, the glass mushrooms were made for us in Coburg, Germany. The industrious gnome is made from dyed cotton chenille pipe cleaners, while his mushroom hat is German spun cotton. Featuring an antique scrap face by E. Heller - Vienna, Austria, the broom and ladder are German Dresden trims. This clip-on ornament is set into a surround of silver plated Steifkantille with tiny old stock fabric Autumn leaves.
Sold as one atelier ornament.
Victorian Whimseys range in height
from 4½" to 5" due to the sizes of
the free blown glass mushrooms.
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'First Frost Clean-Up' Ornament
Vintage Mushrooms Assortment
Old stock dating to the 1950's, these
spun cotton mushrooms have bright
red lacquer caps. Made in Germany.
Set of six mushrooms includes two
pieces each that are 3/4", 7/8" and
1" high. All with green wire stems.