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Filigree Tinsel Stars, Comets and Icicles
  Lametta tinsel ornaments from Germany  
Old-Fashioned Lametta
Filigree Tinsel Ornaments
Glittery ornaments of genuine Lametta tinsel have added sparkle to Christmas trees since Victorian times. These star, comet and icicle ornaments are shiny embellishments for your old-fashioned tree, but their timeless styling makes them suitable for any design theme of holiday decorating. From a stately Victorian tree laden with antique ornaments, to a mid-century retro aluminum Christmas tree or a contemporary family tree, these filigree tinsel ornaments are timeless holiday classics.
Made especially for Blümchen by a family-run company that was founded in Germany back in 1885, our filigree tinsel ornaments are still produced in the traditional fashion on antique machines using genuine Lametta.
Please note that the gold metallic tinsel will darken over time to acquire an aged patina, while all of the silver filigree ornaments are made with real silver-plated Lametta that is "guaranteed to tarnish."
Filigree tinsel ornaments are wonderful
accents on wreaths and garlands, too!
Our filigree ornaments add an extra
bit of sparkle to any décor, and can
be used by crafters to create custom
tree-toppers or old-time ornaments.