Traditional Tree Trims
Christmas Tree Trimmings ~ Ornament Supplies
Festoon your tree with decorative trims that are tried and true holiday
Our selection includes filigree tinsel stars and icicles, Lametta
tinsel trims, and authentic European ornament restoration supplies.
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Classic Tree Trimmings
  Traditional Christmas Tree Adornments  
Filigree Tinsel Starburst in gold
Filigree Tinsel Starburst in silver
Pink Tinsel Tree Icicles from Austria
Sparkling Tinsel Stars in Gold or Silver
Sparkling Tinsel Stars in Gold or Silver
Spiral Tinsel Icicles sets
Gold Filigree Tinsel Icicles
Silver Filigree Tinsel Icicles
Lametta tinsel roping gold and silver
'Star' Tin Reflects for Electric Christmas Tree Lights
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