"Guckkaestchen" Diorama Cards
Picturesque 3-D Christmas Card Decorations
Handmade in Germany
Wonderful Christmas cards that capture the spirit of the season, each of these diorama cards opens out into its own little world! Made of multiple layers of intricately die-cut panels, each level in the diorama helps to create the feel of a lifelike Christmas tableau. Especially beautiful when lit from above, they are printed in bright colors on a semi-gloss cardstock. These large, 3-D fold-open cards are produced by a small press in Germany.
Sold as one card per design.
Standing diorama cards are 5¾”
wide by 4¼" high and are 4" deep.
Decoratively printed envelopes
for each card are included.
'Nuremberg Christmas Market'
'Alpine Winter Nativity'
'Neapolitan Creche Scene'
Alpine Winter Nativity
3-D Diorama Card
Neapolitan Creche Scene
3-D Diorama Card