Spiral Tinsel Icicles
Glistening Lametta Tinsel Icicles
8 per set ~ Ours from Germany
We are delighted that these old-time spiral tinsel icicles are once again being made in Germany just for us! Produced on antique machinery, they are the same style of tinsel icicles that graced Christmas trees in Victorian times. A lightweight tree trim, they're the perfect sparkling accents for the very tips of branches. And for a naturalistic effect, just gently pull down on their tips to create varying lengths.
Please note that metallic tinsel icicles
will darken with age, and that the real
silver used is "guaranteed to tarnish."
Sold in sets of 8 per color.
Spiral tinsel icicles are all about 3"
long. Icicle sets come in original old
packaging that dates to the '70s.
Spiral Tinsel Icicles ~ Gold
Spiral Tinsel Icicles ~ Silver
Spiral Tinsel Icicles ~ Copper
Spiral Tinsel Icicle ornaments in gold, silver and copper
Genuine 1970's packaging!
Custom made in Germany especially for
Blümchen, these old-style metal icicles
arrive packaged with vintage cardboard
backings that the manufacturer has kept
in their storage for more than 40 years.
Spiral Tinsel Icicles in origianl 1970s packaging