Sparkling Filigree Tinsel Stars in gold or silver
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Sparkling Filigree Tinsel Stars
24-Kt. Gold Gilded & Silver Plated Lametta Star Ornaments
Made in Germany especially for Blümchen
These dainty, sparkling star ornaments add gleaming accents to a Christmas tree, just like in Victorian times! Made from genuine metallic Lametta, these classic stars have a bright, glistening finish that will darken a bit over time for an aged, antique look. Please note that these silver plated tinsel stars are "guaranteed to tarnish."
Our old-time filigree tinsel ornaments are made using real German Lametta, which is a flattened copper "Lahn" that has a shiny, plated metallic finish. To create ornaments, this stiff Lametta is spun spirally through a wire center. Still produced on an antique machine which dates to the early 1900's, this style of 'Filigran Lametta' Christmas ornaments have been made in Germany for more than 125 years.
Sold in sets of 3 stars per color.
The 8-pointed filigree tinsel stars
are all approximately 2¾" wide.
Sparkling Tinsel Stars ~ Gold
Sparkling Tinsel Stars ~ Silver