Filigree Tinsel Starburst
Real Silver-Plated Lametta
Luxurious Victorian Star Ornament
Exclusively ours from Germany
A gleaming, celestial Christmas star for the tree, this old-fashioned starburst is made of real Lametta tinsel, just like in Victorian times! The three-dimensional starburst is plated with real silver, which will tarnish over the years to acquire an antique, aged patina.
Our old-time filigree tinsel ornaments are made using German Lametta, which is a flattened copper "Lahn" that has a shiny, plated metallic finish. To create ornaments, this stiff Lametta is spun spirally through a wire center. Still produced on an antique machine that dates to the early 1900's, this style of tinsel ornament has been produced in Germany for more than 125 years.
Sold as one tinsel ornament.
12-pointed, three-dimensional
Lametta tinsel star is 3½" wide.
Filigree Tinsel Starburst ~ Silver
Silver Filigree Lametta Tinsel Starburst ornament
Filigree Lametta Tinsel Starbursts